Friday, April 19, 2013

DIY Custom Coasters

I enjoy getting my craftiness on. I especially enjoy getting crafty and creative with gifts {when time, energy, and income permit}. As the weather starts to warm up, and I truly believe that one of these days it will warm up and stay warm for a while, I start to notice the use of coasters becomes more common.

I use coasters most often when the weather is warm and I don’t want my glass to sweat and ruin my table. I am longing for the truly warm weather so that I can make a batch of ice tea to take out back while the kids run circles around me. So in the hopes that by making these coasters I will be bringing on the warm weather I have decided to share with you my little tutorial on how to make custom coasters.

How to make Custom Coasters

I made these as a gift for my sister-in-law and her family {Toy Story Coasters} and for my sister and her family {Avengers Comic Coasters}. I used comics, but I have seen this done with scrapbook paper and photographs as well. I haven’t personally done the photographs as of yet, so I cannot tell you how that would turn out. Just be aware that if you print something off on an inkjet printer and try to use that for this project – the ink will bleed and you will have a hot mess of a coaster. I’m a little dorky and love the comics and cartoons, so that is what I use. 

What you need:
Round Blank Cover {like the ones they use to cover old lighting sockets}
Mod Podge
Sandpaper {a little will go a long way}
Cutting utensil {either a box cutter, craft knife, or scissors}
Hot glue gun

How to Make It:
Take the round blank cover and open it up. You will want to save the foam backing for later as it will be hot glued onto the back to create a nice padding for the coaster {and will prevent the coaster from scratching surfaces}.
Pick out the pictures you want to use for the coasters from your comics and use the round blank cover to trace around the picture.
Cut out the picture.
Take the sandpaper and use it to scratch up one side of the round blank cover {so that the mod podge will better adhere}.
Coat the scratched up round blank cover with mod podge and then place the picture on top, coating it with another layer of mod podge. Make sure to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkling.
Let the paper dry.
Once dry I like to scratch up the surface a little {very little} and add another coat of mod podge.
When the coaster is completely dry flip it over and use a hot glue gun to adhere the foam backing that came with the round blank cover {you could use felt or cork, but these little covers came with a foam backing that fits perfectly and required no extra work…}.

DIY How to make Custom Coasters

Making these coasters took a little bit of work, more than just the set up and clean up that a lot of projects require – due to the fact that drying time was needed and there were multiple steps. While this is not a complex craft requiring a PhD to complete, it does take a little time to finish and a space for drying out of reach of curious little fingers.

My little guys helped me do this craft in stages. They picked out the pictures we would use and I cut them out. They helped me sand a bit and even took a turn with the mod podge, helping to glue the paper to the round blank cover. The hot glue gun is off limits to my boys, so I did that all by myself. They liked helping, but were not big fans of waiting for the glue to dry. I can’t really blame them.

I think that we will be making some for ourselves soon. I am thinking that Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman would work for a super summer theme. They will come in handy once the weather heats up and hopefully my children will WANT to use them and stop leaving milk rings and sweat circles on my tables.

Do you use coasters?

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