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GB Child Zuzu Stroller – Travel made easy!

I go shopping with my children. I visit family and friends with my children. I take trips to the park, the zoo, and the museum – all with my children. In fact there is not much that I do without my children right by my side. The funny thing is – I love taking my kids everywhere. I enjoy experiencing life through their eyes. It is often entertaining and frequently enlightening. Despite the fact that I enjoy traveling with my family, I am getting to the stage where I no longer want to pack the entire house up for a weekend getaway. So when I come across baby gear that makes traveling with kids easier I tend to do a little happy dance… Okay, a big happy dance.

I was able to check out the gb Child Zuzu stroller while in Las Vegas at the ABC Kids Expo and I was impressed from the get go. But it was when I had the opportunity to play with the zuzu at home that I really came to appreciate its great features and specs {thank you gb Child for sending us a sample of the zuzu stroller for the purposes of review}. With a five, three, and one year old to use the Zuzu stroller with on various occasions – I was able to get a really good feel for this stroller and what it could do. And for me, it made traveling with children just a little bit easier.

GB Child Zuzu Stroller Review

There are many things I look for in a stroller I plan to use for traveling with my family. First and foremost is how easy the stroller is to transport and store. Is this stroller going to take up my entire trunk space? If I am staying in a hotel will the stroller create an obstacle course in the room that my children will end up destroying? The gb Child Zuzu stroller is really easy to transport and store. It has a finger-activated slide fold which enables the zuzu to fold down shorter than an umbrella stroller. So it is not taking up a lot of space. It also sports a self standing fold. It also weighs a mere 15.2 lbs. making this a lightweight stroller is super easy to tote around town and store when not in use.

GB Child Zuzu Stroller Review free standing fold

Another key feature that I look for in a stroller is the ease of use. A stroller should be easy to open and easy to close. It should have a simple brake feature and be easy to maneuver – even one handed {as there are many times when I only have one hand available to steer with thanks to my older children and their often boisterous behavior}. A good stroller should easily accommodate all of my children.

I know that I mentioned the finger-activated slide fold before but I have to mention it again. I am a big fan of how easy the Zuzu is to open and close and I love this slide fold feature. The brakes are a one touch brake that locks both wheels. It is easy to locate and use the brakes on the zuzu – as it is not a small latch, but a good size pedal. The 360° front swivel wheels make this lightweight stroller super easy to maneuver. I can easily push this stroller around one handed – as can my oldest child who likes to help push the stroller on shopping trips. And thanks to the three adjustable footrest positions and the ability to change the harness height this stroller can accommodate all three of my children {although my oldest is getting very close to the 45lb child weight maximum}.

GB Child Zuzu Stroller Review Wheels and Brakes

GB Child Zuzu Stroller Review adjustable foot rest

GB Child Zuzu Stroller Review adjustable harness

Another important feature that I look for in a stroller is a great big canopy to provide lots of shade for my little ones while out and about. The canopy on the gb Child Zuzu stroller is pretty incredible. There is a zipper on the canopy that when opened expands the canopy by a full panel. The panel extension is mesh providing great airflow and wonderful visibility. Zipping the canopy open and closed is super easy thanks to the dual zipper. The best part is the fact that the canopy can click and stay at whichever height you choose to use – if you want to expand the canopy you unzip and click it open and it stays! No flimsy canopy!

GB Child Zuzu Stroller Review expandable canopy

GB Child Zuzu Stroller Review expandable canopy

When it comes to strollers I am all about a nice large storage basket that is easy to access. A large storage basket is a must for me. I need a place to put my diaper bag as well as a spot for jackets that no one wants to wear. I also need to be able to get these items in and out of the storage basket quickly and easily. And while the rear access to the storage basket is not ideal on the Zuzu, the front and side access to the storage basket is fantastic.

GB Child Zuzu Stroller Review large basket

The gb Child Zuzu stroller is a lightweight easy to use stroller that makes traveling with my family easy to do. There is a lot to like about this stroller. The fact that this stroller is so light makes it great for taking on long and short trips, the expandable canopy is awesome, and the slide fold is one of the coolest folds I have seen on a stroller to date. You can see the slide fold feature in action for yourself in the video below!

The gb Child Zuzu Stroller stroller weighs 15.1 lbs and has a child weight maximum of 50 lbs. The Zuzu is car seat compatible with select Graco and Chicco Infant Car Seats thanks to the built in adapters. No extra pieces to install and tote around. You can check out the review Baby Dickey for additional photos and to see how she enjoyed using the zuzu on her trip to the orchard

GB Child Zuzu Stroller Review built in car seat adapter car seat compatible with select Graco and Chicco Infant Car Seats

To learn more about gb Child visit them on Facebook and Twitter.
You can purchase the gb Child Zuzu Stroller at select retailers (current ARV $199.99.)

GB Child Zuzu Stroller Review - travel made easy

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There are a lot of great features on the Zuzu stroller that make it a wonderful stroller for traveling with children. You have heard all about what I look for in a stroller, now I want to know - What do YOU look for in a stroller?

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