Friday, August 2, 2013

#DIY Felt Flower Baby Headbands {Tutorial}

I am not girly in the slightest… okay that’s a lie. I am a little girly. I have become more and more girly over the years {it all started with a Kate Spade purse and has jumped off from there}. But once you have a little girl you tend to embrace girly things a little bit more, or at least I do.

Once I brought baby Julia home I could not stop myself from getting out my glue gun and getting crafty. And then before I knew it I was hanging out at Joann Fabrics and online buying crafting supplies. It is a slippery slope people. One of the first things I made were these baby headbands and I thought I would share them with you.

How to make felt flower baby headbands

What you need:
Hot glue gun
Fold over elastic {I use Babyville that can be bought at Joann Fabrics or online}

How to Make It:
Take the felt and create a flower or feather.
Take the fold over elastic and cut it to 13”-15” {I do 13” for newborn and 15” for a 3-month old}.
Take the fold over elastic and overlap the ends by about ½” and hot glue them together,
Take the felt flower and a scrap piece of felt and glue each piece over the seam in the fold over elastic. The flower should be glued on one side and the scrap felt should be glued on the other {like a sandwich}.

Felt Flower Baby Headband

Now to create those pretty flowers... I made a cut flower headband, a feather headband, a poppy headband, and a fold-over headband.

Cut Flower Headband:
Take an 18” by 2” piece of felt and fold it over length wise.
Hot glue ends together.
Take scissors and cut the opposite side of the glued end piece.
Roll the felt into a circle gluing as you go.

Cut Felt Flower Baby Headband Tutorial
Feather Headband:
Take one piece of felt and cut 3 feather shapes out of it.
Take another color felt and cut 3 circles.
Take a different color felt and cut 3 smaller circles.
Take the smallest circles and cut out a little triangle from the circle {as if you were cutting out one small piece of pie}.
Glue the smaller circle with the cut out onto the larger circle. Then glue the larger circle onto the feather.

Felt Feather Baby Headband Tutorial

Poppy Headband:
Cut out 10 circles {all the same size} from a piece of felt.
Take 8 of the felt circled and snip them to the center of each circle.
Put a dot of glue on one side of the snipped circle and place the other side of the snipped circle over the glue, press together.
Take 1 of the circles to use as a base and start gluing the snipped circles around the circle with the overlapped fabric facing down.
Go around the circle once doing this and then move in for a second layer.
Take the last circle and cut it into a spiral.
Roll the spiral into itself and glue the base of it to create the center flower.
Glue the center flower to the center of the poppy.

Poppy Felt Flower Baby Headband Tutorial

Fold-Over Headband:
Cut out 6 circles {all the same size} from a piece of felt.
Take 5 of the felt circles and place a dot of hot glue in the center then fold over the felt.
Repeat this process again so that you have 5 little pie shaped pieces of felt.
Take the circle of felt that has not been folded over and cover with hot glue.
Take the pie shaped pieces of felt and place them on the circle felt so that they complete the circle.
Place the last pie shaped piece of felt in the center on top of the rest of pie shapes using a dab of hot glue.

Fold-Over Felt Flower Baby Headband Tutorial

I had a ton of fun making these baby headbands for princess Julia {that is what the boys call their little sister}. They were all really easy to make and I think they turned out pretty darn cute. I think next time I will try to work with a thinner elastic, maybe even try my hand at sewing fabric flowers too.

Have you made accessories for your children, if so what did you make?

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