Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY Mud Room Organization Project

I am all about DIY organizational projects and have found inspiration everywhere! My boys recently received backpacks as a gift and wanted a place to store them. Since we are always on the go I decided it was time to better organize our laundry/mud room with the necessities we use on a daily basis. That and I was tired of digging through the front closet looking for missing shoes.

Mud Room Hook and Basket Organizer

What you need for the Project:
·    Picture frames {however many you are planning on using, the more the merrier – make it an installation!}
·    Picture to go in the picture frames {I used my children, but you can use ones of yourself as well… heck, you can use whatever pictures you want!}
·    Hooks {I bought mine at Home Depot for $3.00 a hook}
·    Baskets {this was an addition to the original pin - added underneath the hooks for shoes, hats, mittens…}
·    A stud finder {optional – but extremely useful – you want to hang the hooks on a stud so that there is something supporting the weight of whatever is being held up}
·    Screwdriver
·    Screws

What to do:
1.   Determine how high you would like the hooks to be placed and use the stud finder to locate the wall studs.
2.   Attach the hook on the stud.
3.   Determine how low you would like the baskets to be placed and attach them to the wall using screws and the screwdriver.
4.   Determine how high you would like the pictures to be place and hang the pictures on the wall.

Hook and Basket 1Hook and Basket 2

Rating: *****
I picked out the hooks and the baskets, but my hubby did most of the heavy lifting when it came to the actual work. I determined how high I wanted everything and he put it up. I played assistant on this project.

One thing to be aware of when placing the hooks and the baskets is how high or low you are placing everything. Take into consideration who is going to be using the hooks and make sure they are able to reach them.

This was a simple project and I am thoroughly pleased with the results!

The Original Pin:

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