Friday, March 23, 2012

How to make Mickey Mouse Invitations.

Mickey Mouse Invitations

My little guy is going to be a big bad 1 year old very soon and that means that it is time to pick a theme and plan a party!

I have been on a Mickey Mouse kick lately and cannot seem to get enough Disney in my life. I am even thinking about having the boys bathroom be a Mickey Mouse bathroom…. But that is another DIY project all in itself. It is no wonder than that when it came to picking a theme I chose Mickey Mouse.

I looked online and I looked in stores and I decided that I could make the invitations myself. I like to think that I am a crafty person and that invitations are within my realm of capabilities. So I got down to business and started crafting!

The first order of business was finding the right font. I really wanted a Disney font for the invitations to keep with the whole Disney Mickey Mouse theme. I got online and Googled Disney fonts and found a fabulous FREE Disney Font! I downloaded the font and saved it to my computer desktop {so it would be easy to find}. I extracted all of the Zip files and installed them on my computer so that I could use them in a Microsoft Word document.

extract a file

Install a file
I opened up a blank word document, selected my font, and got to work. I typed up my invitations and printed them onto cardstock paper. I took out my scrapbook paper and got to work cutting and pasting Mickey shorts onto the back of each invitation. I even added real buttons with adhesive circles!

Mickey Mouse Invitation Front

Mickey Mouse Invitation Back

Tada! My Mickey Mouse birthday party invitations are ready to go! They were easy to make and did not take a long time to put together. I had such a fun time putting this invitation together that I am looking for any excuse to take out my scrapbook paraphernalia and get crafting some more!

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