Monday, March 26, 2012

I gave in and bought myself a Dyson Animal Dc25 Vacuum!

Dyson Animal Dc25I have been drooling over the Dyson Animal Dc25 vacuum cleaner for a while now and have been toying with the idea of buying one for myself. These are not cheap vacuums, so this was a decision that I really needed to spend some time thinking over.

The heavy duty vacuum cleaner that we have been using for the last couple of years is one that doesn’t really work anymore. I have to go over the same spot several times to suck up anything… and even then my vacuum doesn’t get it all. There is no real suction and I can do a better job cleaning my carpets on my hands and knees than with my current vacuum. Talk about frustrating housework!

I got on my computer and started researching vacuum cleaners. I wanted the Best vacuum cleaner of 2012. I looked at consumer reports and I read blog reviews of vacuum cleaners as well as Amazon reviews. I knew that whatever vacuum I bought needed to be a top ten vacuum cleaner that would get the job done.

I finally gave in and bought my Dyson after visiting my sister-in-law’s home and seeing her brand new Dyson fresh out of the box. I really wanted to take it for a spin to see how well it handled before I made the leap to buy one of my own. After all the Dyson Animal Dc25 vacuum retails for $499.99 {as of the date of this post}. There is no way I was going to drop $500 on a vacuum I had never tried.

I test drove my sister-in-laws {SIL} Dyson and was hooked. Then she told me what she paid for it and I knew that I was going to be getting my very own Dyson vacuum very soon. Want to know how much she paid? My SIL paid around $250 for her vacuum! She paid half price for her Dyson from Woot (a daily deal website).

I looked on Woot and came to the realization that I had missed my window of opportunity. So I scoured the World Wide Web looking for a similarly great deal and I came across a Dyson vacuum for $279. I called my husband and discussed this purchase and then I went ahead and I bought it myself a Dyson Animal Dc25 vacuum cleaner.

With my home up for sale it is very important that my home be clean. I want my house to sparkle like the top of the Chrysler building! I also value my time and do not want to spend hours vacuuming the same carpets over and over again hoping that the vacuum will finally suck up that stray fuzzie. I want to vacuum a room once and move onto the next area of my home. I hope the Dyson will live up to my expectations {don’t worry I will post my review}!

What vacuum do you use in your home and how do you like it?

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