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The Chicago 1893 World’s Fair Exhibit at the Field Museum

One of my family’s favorite places to visit in Chicago is The Field Museum. My children love seeing Sue the Tyrannosaurus as well as all of the other dinosaur displays in the Field Museum. The Mammals of Asia and the Crown Family PlayLab are always a big hit. When I found out that the newest exhibit coming to the museum was going to be the 1893 World’s Fair I knew it was time for another trip into the city.

The Field Museum Chicago Illinois
1893 World's Fair Exhibit at The Field Museum Chicago Illinois

The Field Museum was born out of the 1893 World’s Fair and many of the original collections are formed by objects that were displayed at the Fair. This is where the museum got thousands of artifacts for their exhibits. But this exhibit is not just another exhibit. The museum has done something really cool, they have made their 1893 World’s Fair exhibit technology savvy. With the use of QR codes placed throughout the museum you are able to learn more and interact with various objects.

Simply download of The Field Museum Tours mobile app and scan a QR code and you are able to see videos and interact with artifacts in a fresh new way. It puts the tour in the palm of your hand letting you navigate where you go next and how deep you want to delve into the story behind an artifact. You can check out facts, photos, and videos by scanning a QR code on various artifacts throughout the museum – all with the swipe of your finger. This is a fun new way of embracing technology in an engaging educational way. I loved it!
The Field Museum Irish Deer

The Field Museum Totem Poles

1893 World's Fair Exhibit at The Field Museum Chicago Illinois Screen Shot

My favorite interactions with the mobile app were the 360° views of the museum. The boys loved the 360° view of the room with the Irish Deer in Evolving Planet. They got a big kick out of all the bones! We also scanned a code at the entrance of the 1893 World’s Fair at the Totem Poles for the mobile app that took us on a virtual panorama that was very cool. I really enjoyed getting more information than what was on the placard thanks to come of the videos on the app. 

The 1893 World's Fair Exhibit at The Field Museum ARTIFACTS

The Field Museum Javanese village digital interactive

The 1893 World’s Fair was one of the greatest events in the history of Chicago and the exhibition shows museum visitors what visitors to the Fair saw 120 years ago. Be it Fair memorabilia, large projections, or Peruvian mummies – this exhibit is one that you will want to take your time walking through so that you can experience everything. There are even two digital interactives that give you the chance to have a more hands-on experience through technology with some of the earliest of the museum’s collections. I enjoyed hearing what some of the instruments that were played at the Javanese village from the1893 World’s Fair would sound like thanks to the touch screen digital interactive display.

If you are planning on bringing the entire family to see the 1893 World’s Fair exhibit you should be aware that you are not allowed to bring in strollers. There is stroller parking off to the side of the exhibit where you can leave your stroller. I was very thankful that I thought to bring my infant carrier so that I could babywear my daughter and be able to take my time checking out all of the objects without feeling rushed. The boys went through the exhibit pretty quickly – whereas my daughter and I really enjoyed perusing and learning about all of the artifacts.

My entire family enjoyed spending the day at The Field Museum. We loved the new app that allowed us to interact in a fun new way with some of our favorite objects throughout the museum. The kids and I really liked hunting for the QR codes throughout the duration of our trip, it added to our experience and made the whole day feel like a scavenger hunt. I enjoyed this exhibit and would recommend checking it out with The Field Museum’s Tour mobile app.

The Field Museum Tours Mobile App

I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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