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Tips for Bathing Baby {Boon Naked Bath Tub Review}

Now that there are three little ones in my home I feel like I am constantly bathing my babies! My oldest has decided that he is now a big boy and at 4 years old he should be taking showers and not baths. My younger son loves taking a bath with all of his bath toys and there are quite a few bath toys. My baby girl has graduated from sponge baths -those lovely damp washcloth “baths” newborns get until their umbilical cord stump dries up, falls off, and heals- and is now ready for bathing in an infant/toddler bathtub {Thank you Boon for providing me with a sample of the Naked 2 Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub}. Since I never seem to stop bathing these babies I have decided to put together a few tips and tricks for a successful bath time.

Tips for how to give baby a bath featuring Boon Inc. Naked 2-position collapsible baby bathtub

 Giving baby a bath in the Boon Inc. Naked 2-position collapsible baby bathtub

I give my baby a bath every 2-3 days. Since she is not mobile and is not getting into anything that will get her too dirty this works for us. I am conscious about not drying out her skin, especially as the colder weather approaches. I also put on baby lotion right after bath time to help keep her skin from drying out. It helps that I love the smell of baby lotion! So without further ado, here are my tips for giving baby a bath:

Tip #1: Don’t leave the baby! The MOST important thing to remember is that you should NEVER leave baby unsupervised.

Tip #2: Gather supplies. I like to have everything I could possibly need and have it within reach so that when I am giving my baby a bath I can keep at least one hand on her at all times. Some supplies I use when bathing my baby are a baby bathtub, baby shampoo, a cup, a washcloth {or two}, and a towel for bathing baby. Once baby has been bathed it is a good idea to have a clean diaper, lotion, and a clean outfit nearby as well.

Tip #3: Make sure baby is comfortable. I make sure the room I am bathing baby in is not too cold so that baby doesn’t get chilly. A cold baby is not a happy baby. I fill the bathtub with about 2-3 inches of warm water. The water should not be too hot; we use a water thermometer to keep our water temperature in the lower 90’s.  – Do not put baby in the bathtub when the water is running as the temperature could change quickly or get too deep for baby.

Tip #4: Make bath time fun. I use the recline feature on the Naked baby bathtub by Boon to help cradle my baby since she is not sitting up on her own yet. This also brings baby closer to me for better interactions. I sing during bath time and we splash about a lot.

Tip #5: Be gentle. I pour cupfuls of warm water on my baby throughout the bath to help keep her warm and comfortable and happy. I clean baby all over starting from the top at the scalp and working your way down to the toes. I use a soft washcloth to gently clean baby – I do not scrub very hard. I then give her a good rinse using cups of water, making sure to get rid of any soapy residue. I do not dump water over her head; instead I gently pour it down the back of her scalp so that it does not get in her eyes or mouth. .

Tip #6: Get a good grip. Children are slippery when wet! Now that baby has been cleaned it is time to take him/her out of the bath. I try to be very careful when taking my baby out of the bathtub as she is slippery when wet and tends to squirm a lot. I use both hands to remove her from the bathtub and immediately place her in a towel to pat her dry.

Tip #7: Get a fresh diaper on immediately. Once baby is clean and dry I try to keep them that way. As soon as baby has been dried off they get a fresh diaper put on to avoid accidents.

Tip #8: Lotion after bath time is your friend. I give my baby a gently massage with some baby lotion to avoid drying out her skin and to keep it, well… baby soft. This also helps if baby is not a fan of bath time {it really helped to calm my boys down after baths}. After the lotion has been applied baby gets a clean outfit and some snuggles.

Tip #9: Clean up bath time after baby is cleaned, dressed, and content. Once baby is clean and happy it is time to clean up. I take my Naked baby bathtub and I drain it, collapse it, and hang it up right alongside the towel I used to dry off baby girl. Then I pick up the rest of my supplies and put them away until next time. The supplies are all picked up and put away so that my other little ones will not get into them and wreak havoc on my house.

Boon Inc. Naked 2-position collapsible baby bathtub Smooth Sleek Modern

What we love about the Boon NAKED 2-Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub:
I love the recline feature on this bathtub. It allows baby to be in a cradled upright position that makes interacting with baby easy and enjoyable for everyone. This makes bonding with baby during bath-time a breeze.

This is a bathtub that will grow with your child. The recline feature is great for bathing a baby and gives me a sense of security when bathing my baby who cannot yet sit upright unassisted. But that is not the end of it; the NAKED baby bathtub can also expand and be used as a small bathtub for babies who can sit upright as well as toddlers.  

Boon solved the dilemma of where to store the baby bathtub when it is not in use. This bathtub collapses into itself creating a nice flat product that can be slid under a crib or hung up on the back of a door or a towel bar until it is needed again.

I am a fan of the sleek modern design. I think this is a very good looking baby bathtub, and I don’t mind looking at it hanging up in my bathroom when it is not being used. I love the bright green color and the fact that it is smooth and easy to clean.

Boon Inc. Naked 2-position collapsible baby bathtub

Boon Inc. Naked 2-position collapsible baby bathtub, hang it up to dry

Bathing a newborn can be a bit scary, as they tend to move around quite a lot during bath time and when they are soaped up they can be a little slippery… okay, they can be very slippery. My little lady loves to squirm and kick during bath time, so this means that I tend to get a little bath of my own when washing my little bundle of energetic joy. While bathing a baby can be scary it can also be fun and a great way to bond with baby and Boon has made bonding with baby during bath time even easier with the NAKED 2-positions collapsible baby bathtub.

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Boon Inc. Naked 2-position collapsible baby bathtub, collapse it, recline it, expand it

Do you have any tips or tricks for bathing baby?

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