Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cleaning House and taking names: Reorganization of the storage room.

Every once in a while I get an itch to clean and organize something. Usually this means that I tackle the children’s playroom or the family room. This need to clean can usually be satisfied with a quick once through of the kitchen or a day spent vacuuming and cleaning carpets. But after spending five minutes in the storage room looking for some craft supplies I decided a serious cleaning/organizing/purging session was in order. It was time to simplify.

Storage Room Organization for Toy Rotation

My storage room went from a hot mess that was hard to walk through to a clean space where toys and supplies are clearly on display and are just a clean shelf away from use. This is obviously a big improvement. At least I think so.

In order to do a thorough cleaning and organizing job I first had to empty out my storage room and do a once over cleaning job on the room itself before I started placing stuff back on shelves. My son loved this part, as he discovered some toys that he did not know we even owned…they had been stored for so long! Once all was clean I started going through boxes and purging items I no longer wanted, hadn’t used in years, or was unsure of what the product was or did. This might be my favorite part of cleaning and organizing, as I like getting rid of useless stuff.

Getting started with the storage room organization

After a full day of cleaning and purging my kiddos, who were all up from nap time by this point in time, helped me to put it all back. We decided that the toys needed to be the first thing you see and easy to get to so that we could more easily bring them into our toy rotation. Priorities.

Prioritizing where everything needs to go for the storage room organizing

Nice clean organized Storage Room

It took me a while, but I did it. My storage room is clean, easy to walk into, easy to access, and organized. Now what to tackle next?

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