Friday, January 17, 2014

Fitness Friday getting the hang of the #FitBit

I have been spending the last few weeks organizing and preparing for the rest of this year. I have been making plans and setting goals for myself, my family, and my blog. I have been taking time to hammer out the details of what I want this year to look like; as a result I have not had the time to really sit down at my computer to write. After Next week that should change. I have given myself a little bloggy vacation to get my house in order and to kick-start my goals for 2014. I am feeling much more prepared and excited about this coming year and all I have planned. I even have a little workout room all set up for myself. 

My Workout Room Set Up

Last week I shared with you my 30 day full body challenge and my fitness goals. I also shared with you the fact that I bought a FitBit Flex. So far I am loving my FitBit Flex. I feel that it does a great job keeping an accurate record of my productivity. I have been logging my calorie intake and sticking within my allotted calories per day {according to the meal plan I selected}. I love that there are specific name brand/restaurant chain food items that I can choose from - so that my calorie count is accurate {although not everything is in there, there is quite a selection to choose from}. This has also helps me to determine where and what I choose to eat if I am going out to grab a quick bite. I am getting the hang of using the FitBit app to help me reach my fitness goals.

To help me reach my fitness goal I have signed up for a kickboxing class. I have always wanted to try kickboxing and in a couple weeks I will be punching and kicking to my little heart’s content. I am very excited about this, especially since I was disappointed with the last fitness class I took. I am hoping that this one is fun and energetic and entertaining.

How did I do this week?

FitBit Flex Accountability Weekly Weight Loss Tracking

I exceeded my goal of taking 10,000 steps every day. Since I run every morning for 20-30 minutes on my elliptical {it is a NordicTrack CX 1055 that I bought for myself after having my second child} during nap time I usually rack up ½ my steps before lunch.

I am a day behind on my 30 day challenge, as I did not start until Monday. I forgot that the week started on Sunday - so I will have to play catch up by skipping a rest day this next week. I am enjoying my 30 day challenge with the exception of those darn fire hydrants, which have me needing to break up the workout into sets.

I chose the harder intensity dietary plan {-1,000 per day calorie deficit} and have been doing a good job of staying within my allotted calories. I have to say that I was blown away by how many calories are in certain foods. For example, while perusing the healthy food aisle I was blown away by some of the “healthy” snack bars that had a ton of ingredients and a calorie count in the 400’s!?!

I am still behind on my water intake. But I knew going in that was a big problem area for me. The FitBit App recommends that I take in 64oz… I have been bad about meeting that goal. I guzzle water while working, but not so much any other time. Obviously I still need to work on this. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Next Week Goals

I am still looking to take at least 10,000 steps a day and to get in ALL of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge workouts and to stick with my allotted calorie intake. Eat healthy, be healthy.

I am hoping to reach my 64oz a day water intake goal. I know that I need to be vigilant about it, but am at a loss as to how I can make this goal a reality aside from just constantly reminding myself to drink more water!

As for weight... Oh how I loathe the scale. Getting on the scale makes me nervous. I feel like the number it tells me will never be the number I want it to be and I don’t want that number to discourage me. I am down 1.5 lbs since last week. With the dietary goal I selected I should be losing about 2 lbs a week. It should also be noted that your weight can fluctuate 1-3 lbs throughout the day and that it is best to weigh yourself at the same time each day for a more accurate assessment. So we will see if this holds true for next week.

Do you have any tips and/or tricks for drinking enough water throughout the day?

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