Monday, January 6, 2014

January Monthly Meal Planning w/ Grocery Template #FreePrintable

Each week I create a menu for my family that details what we will be eating throughout the week. I decided what will be for dinner in advance and I do my grocery shopping accordingly. I have decided that doing this every week has become a bit tedious. In order to avoid getting into a food rut by eating the same thing every week, I would create a monthly meal plan for my family. The monthly meal plan, starting with the January monthly meal plan, will detail what we will be eating for the whole month for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Monthly Meal Planning Menu

January Monthly Meal Planning Menu 2014 #FreePrintable with recipe links

Why a monthly meal plan you might ask? Well… it is a way for me to take a broader look at the way my family eats and to make sure that our dinners do not become redundant. It also keeps me in check throughout the month so that we do not go out to eat frequently and it makes grocery shopping a breeze. I simply check my recipes to see what I need and add it to my grocery list. Speaking of grocery lists, I have been stopped frequently in the grocery store and asked about where I got my list template. I created it about two or three years ago and I will never again shop without it.

My grocery list divides the grocery store into sections so that I can place the items I need directly in the section I can find them. This eliminates the need for me to ever have to double back to find something I missed the first time I went through an aisle. It also eliminates unnecessary purchases and helps to keep me on budget.

Grocery Shopping Template #FreePrintable for a weekly grocery list

By having everything written down I tend to get through the grocery store in about an hour {I usually have one or more of my children with me when grocery shopping – so I do not move at supersonic speed when shopping}. This used to take a lot longer, but since I started using my grocery shopping list template I have cut down on time. I have also noticed that the fewer children I have with me when shopping the faster I can get through the store. Go figure.

 Feel free to follow along with my monthly meal plan and/or snag a copy of the grocery shopping list template. I put these together to help me stay organized and efficient. I share them with you so that you can benefit from my hard work as well. Life can be complicated and busy and when something comes along that makes my life easier I am thankful, so as a result whenever I create something that makes my life less difficult I like to share it.

If you are looking for links to the recipes I use in my monthly menu I have provided a majority of them below. Some of the recipes are ones that I am working on perfecting and as a result, they are not ones that I have shared yet {when the recipe has been perfected it will be shared on the blog and a link will be added}.

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