Friday, January 24, 2014

Fitness Friday Building a Fitness Routine #FitMom

Being healthy and getting fit are choices that you make throughout the day and they are not always easy. Will you eat the apple or the potato chips? Will you drink the water or the soda pop? Will you exercise or sit on the coach? Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I would love nothing more than to sit on the sofa with a good book. But eating the potato chips, drinking the soda, and sitting on the couch are not going to help me reach my fitness goals. Building a fitness routine and choosing a healthy active lifestyle will. It is a conscious choice that I make every day.

These choices are not always simple and I am by no means perfect. There are some days that I choose to each a yummy sandwich instead of a salad. I log my calorie intake and work to better myself each day. The goal is to continue to better myself. The only way that I know how to better myself is to keep track of how I am doing and to go from there. One way that I make sure to meet my daily fitness goal is to carve out time each day to workout. By doing this every day I am more likely to successfully complete my workout.

Fitness Friday #FitMom

Every morning I get on the elliptical for 20-30 minutes and run all out. Then I complete my 30 Day Total Body Fitness Challenge. I knock it out in the morning and then have the rest of the day to do as I please without worrying about finding time for my workout. It is my routine. It works for me.

I am not the type of person that can wake up before the kids and workout at the crack of dawn, I need my sleep and my coffee and so far my children cooperate with my workout schedule. If I wait all day and try to squeeze in my workouts in the evening I would never work out. By the end of the day my three children have worn me out and the last thing I want to do is workout. I recognize that each person is different and what works for me and my schedule will not work for others. So my only suggestion is to find out what works for you and stick with it, make it your routine.

How did I do this week?

FitBit Flex Accountability Week 2 January 17-24

I exceeded my goal of taking 10,000 steps every day. On my “rest” day I took my children to the Museum of Science and Industry for the day and did some babywearing… I really wish there was a fitness app that tracked when I am pushing a stroller or wearing my baby.

I am all caught up with the 30 day challenge and I am rocking it out one day at a time. I get a big happy grin on my face each day that I get to cross off. Do you cross off the days as you go?

I am still behind on my water intake. Thank you for the suggestions. I will be putting water bottles throughout the house to help me with this area. We will see if that helps.

Next Week Goals
I am still looking to take at least 10,000 steps a day and to get in ALL of my 30 Day Fitness Challenge workouts. I am toying with the idea of kicking up my step goal to 13,000 as a challenge.  


I did not lose or gain any weight this week. I have been sticking with my allotted calorie intake, but am thinking I may need to shake things up a bit.

I am planning the next 30 Day Fitness Challenge and am thinking that it will be another total body fitness challenge utilizing different exercises but still working on all aspects of the body. If you are doing the 30 Day Total Body Fitness Challenge with me, are you finding it too easy? Too difficult? Would you like to see me target a specific area? I would love to hear what areas you would like to work on.

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