Friday, November 2, 2012

How was your Halloween?

A Star Wars Family Halloween Costume

I really enjoy Halloween. I make my entire family dress up. We pick a movie and then everyone in the family dresses up as a character from that movie. Last year we did Peter Pan, This year we did Star Wars and it was a blast!

I like dressing up and taking the kids in their costumes around the neighborhood. They have so much fun going up to houses and saying “Trick or Treat!” They love getting candy – what kid doesn’t. They love pretending to be whatever they are dressed up as. Sadly I think this is my last year dictating costumes. My oldest is starting to have a definite opinion as to what he wears on Halloween.

I love seeing how people decorated their yards and I love checking out the creativity and thoughtfulness that went into costumes. As we started off our Halloween trick-or-treating journey this Halloween we noticed a family using their wagon to cart their little one in… So I sent my husband home to get ours too.

My husband was Darth Vader, I was Princess Leia, my oldest was a Jedi {my husband says he was Luke Skywalker - but it was not the Luke Skywalker costume and when asked my son said he was dressed up as "Star Wars"}, and my youngest was Yoda. The kids have already asked when they could go trick-or-treating again.


Luke Skywalker and Yoda Trick-or-Treating

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker Trick-or-Treating

How was your Halloween?

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