Monday, July 15, 2013

Packing for Labor and Delivery with the BFFL Bag #Review

It took me quite a while to pack my hospital bag for baby Julia’s arrival. With baby #1 I was packed and ready way ahead of time and with baby #2 I was packed and ready a couple weeks early as well. But with baby #3 I seemed to be on a completely different laid back schedule. I simply did not get around to completely packing my hospital bag until the BFFL Co sent me my Mommy/Delivery BFFL Bag for review. That seemed to get me motivated… or at least take some of the pressure off of making sure I had absolutely everything I could possibly need.

On June 19th I headed into the hospital to deliver my baby girl Julia with a little red suitcase filled with a change of clothing for me, a change of clothing for my newest bundle of joy, some swaddle blankets, and my BFFL Bag. I felt very prepared.

I was very excited when my Mommy Delivery BFFL Bag arrived. I immediately opened it up to check everything out. I was pleasantly surprised by what was inside. A lot of thought had obviously gone into the creation and stocking of this bag. Once in the hospital I was even more happy that I had this bag.

Packing Delivery with the bffl bag

The BFFL Bag
is Mom Mart Approved!

What we love about this Bag:
·         The bag is adorable. I am on a total color kick right now and I love how bright and cheerful this bag is. It also helps that the bag is made of lightweight stain resistant pack cloth and has metal feet to keep the bag off the floor. This little bag will definitely be getting used again.
·         I am all about the axillapilla® pillow! It is soft and more flexible than any other pillow I own, so that it fits under my arm when breastfeeding or in the small of my back when working through a contraction. It is probably my favorite item in the Mommy/Delivery BFFL Bag. My boys are trying to take this pillow over as their own – but I am determined to keep it as my own {at least for a little while longer}.
·         There are items in this bag to help you through all stages of labor, delivery, and recovery. From a deck of cards to a collapsible water bottle to breast pads – the BFFL Bag has you covered. The only thing that you need to pack that is not in the bag is a change of clothing for when you leave the hospital.
·         I was not allowed to eat or drink anything but ice chips during my labor, and as a result was starving and shaky about an hour after my delivery. The KIND Healthy Snack Bar was a nice treat to find in my BFFL Bag and it was able to tide me over until I could eat a full meal.

BFFL Co. Mommy Delivery BFFL Bag

BFFL Co. Mommy Delivery BFFL Bag

Something to be aware of is the fact that the Mommy/Deliver BFFL Bag comes with a dry shampoo, so if you are planning on taking a shower at the hospital and want traditional shampoo and conditioner you will need to add that to your bag.

I loved having this bag with me during my labor and delivery, but I am loving it even more as I keep finding more useful items to assist me with my recovery. It is a great bag filled with all the essentials. What is more, it would make a great baby shower gift for any mother-to-be. While most baby shower gifts are all about baby- it would be nice for mama to get a little something useful for herself as well! The Mommy Delivery BFFL Bag takes away a lot of the “what do I pack” stress that all moms {yes even veteran moms} deal with.

The Mommy/Delivery BFFL Bag contains a lot of items! Some of these items I would have never thought to pack and was so happy to have on hand when I was in the hospital. I love that everything comes in nice little zippered cases and it all easily fits in the adorably cheerful and bright bag. The Mommy/Delivery BFFL Bag would definitely make a great baby shower gift, or anytime gift for a mommy-to-be.

When you buy the BFFL Bag 15% of the net profit from your purchase will be donated to the Harvard School of Public Health Women's and Health Initiative.

The Mommy/Delivery BFFL Bag is full of essentials for either a C-section delivery or a traditional birth. 

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