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Potty Training made easy with the Kohler Transitions Toilet Seat

Kohler Transistions Toilet Seat

Recently I shared with you that my three year old son is now successfully potty trained. I also shared with you our bathroom update on our home makeover project. What do these have in common? The answer is a toilet seat. Not just any old toilet seat either… Nope, I am talking a Transitions toilet seat by Kohler.

So what makes the Kohler transistions toilet seat so special?

The transitions toilet seat is designed to work for both adults and children without requiring a separate removable toilet seat. This means that you do not have to pick up dirty toilet training seats every time you (the adult) needs to use the restroom. This toilet seat also has fabulous rubber bumpers that prevent the seat from sliding all over the place (if you have an elongated toilet you know what I am talking about).  One of my favorite features is the no slam Quiet-Close technology that makes it virtually impossible for my toddler to slam the toilet seat.

Once I got my transitions elongated closed-front toilet seat with Q3 Advantage, Quiet-Close, Quick-Release, Quick-Attach technology I knew immediately where I wanted to put it and I wasted no time installing it myself. This toilet seat’s home is in the ½ bath on the first floor of my home. This is the bathroom that my family uses the most throughout the day and I knew that it was where the transitions toilet seat belonged. It is perfect and has made toilet training my child that much easier. Now I need another one for the boy’s bathroom upstairs!

Kohler Transistions Toilet SeatKohler Transistions Toilet Seat

What Mom Mart loves about the Kohler Transitions Toilet Seat:

·       The Transitions toilet seat has rubber bumpers that prevent the seat from shift when in use. I am not usually a fan of elongated toilets due to the fact that the toilet seats are always wobbly, but the Kohler Transitions toilet seat stays put!

·       It is two toilet seats in one. There is the standard adult toilet seat and there is also a toddler toilet seat included as well. With a simple flip of the toilet seat you can have a toddler appropriate toilet for your little one to use… There is no separate toilet that needs to be added or removed.

·       Quiet-Close seats with little ones are a must. There is no slamming of toilet seats, no fingers getting pinched, no seats getting cracked, and no mom jumping at loud noises every time someone needs to use the restroom.

·       The Quick-Release hinges makes unlatching the toilet seat a breeze - which is great for easy bathroom clean up. The Quick-Attach hardware makes re-installing the toilet seat super easy too!

·       I was able to install the Kohler Transitions toilet seat all by myself! It was quick and easy to install and took me only a matter of minutes to set up. Any time I am able to do something handy all by myself I am a happy camper.

The Transitions toilet seat has made potty training my son super easy. He is able to work this toilet seat all by himself. He likes being able to sit on the big potty and he likes being independent enough to go potty by himself. I love that I don’t have to remove a toddler toilet seat and clean the toilet before I can use it. I like that my son can use the restroom all by himself too!

Something to be aware of with the Transitions toilet seat is that there is no splashguard in the front of the toilet seat to make sure that nothing lands outside of the toilet. This doesn’t matter if you have a little girl, but for little boys it means that you need to have a conversation about aiming.

We love this toilet seat and highly recommend it for anyone with young children. It has made potty training my son easier and it also keeps the clutter of excess toilet seats out of my bathroom. It also helps to kep my bathroom fresh and clean.

What do you think?
Potty Training with the Kohler Transistions Toilet Seat
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