Monday, September 10, 2012

Yes, I admit it. I messed up.

I messed up.

Yup, I said it. I completely messed up. No one to blame but myself.

So what did I do? What’s the big deal?

I am in the process of turning my house into a home. I believe that part of making a home a more personal space is putting up wall décor that reflects your personal interests or style. This weekend I decided to tackle the wall art in the kitchen. I had gone shopping and happened across some pictures that I liked and I thought I could hang them up myself. I mean, who can’t hang a picture {this girl, that’s who}.

So I take out my husband’s tools and get to work measuring exactly where I want to hang my pictures. I knew I wanted them in the center of the wall, at eye level, and out of the reach of my small children who feel the need to touch EVERYTHING! I marked the wall and got to work.

I took out the little nail and picture hanging thingamabob and hammered away. After my picture was hung my husband breezes by and tells me that what I did won’t work, because he can see the nail above the picture. Shoot! Okay, second time is the charm right?

My hubby informs me that I will need to drill a hole in the wall and then use a screw to hang the pictures. So I remove the nail and picture hanging thingamabob and drill some holes and use some screws to hang my pictures. They looked great!
Kitchen Wall Art

Kitchen Wall Art

Kitchen Wall Art
Well since I was on such a fabulous role, I decided that I would go ahead and hang my other pictures in the kitchen {there were two other ones that I was debating about}. Since I had the screwdriver and screws already out I decided to just keep on going with that.

I measured the wall where I wanted the pictures to hand and I drilled a hole. Felt a wee bit of resistance, but just assumed it was  a 2x4 I was drilling into. After all there was nothing else on this wall or behind it (no electrical, no water outlet, nothing)… or so I thought.

I went to hang my picture and realized that I made my hole too high. The wire that I would use to hang my picture was several inches lower than I thought and I wanted my picture to be at the same height as the other pictures in the room. So I went back and drilled a second hole {yes, I did this not once but twice} a little father down. I hung up both the pictures and went to go get my husband to look at my handy work.

We must have passed each other because I did a full circle of the house without running into him and the next thing I know I am standing in the kitchen and the picture is OFF the wall and there is water running down the wall that I had hung my picture on. It was not a 2x4 that I drilled into. Nope, it was the water pipe that drains the water from the upstairs bathroom. Great… just great.
Kitchen Wall Art Fiasco
My husband was not impressed with my picture hanging ability. In fact he was quite displeased with my handy work. Needless to say I am banned from trying to be handy on my own. I need adult supervision when working power tools. The sad thing is that I really like power tools.

I am thankfully able to laugh at myself and not take this hiccup to heart. Everyone messes up, yes… even me.

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