Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A unique dining experience at ALINEA in Chicago

I have a really fabulous friend that gave me a night out at the top restaurant in the world, ALINEA {according to NBC Chicago}, to celebrate my birthday. I was told to dress up and make sure I was on time. I was told it was a set menu and that I would be impressed. I was told that this was a really big deal… needless to say I was very impressed. ALINEA in Chicago delivered on all of its promises and then some. It was a wonderful evening with ridiculously delicious food and fabulous service and I would love to go back and eat there again!

The food was like eating art. It was not only delicious, it was beautifully presented. The menu is seasonally driven and there are between 18-22 courses depending on the menu at the time and the availability {ours was 14}. The wine pairings are outstanding and compliment the food wonderfully. It was a night to remember and will definitely stand out as a top dining experience.

Alinea Restaurant of Chicago: EBI: Broccoli Stem, Yuzu, Sea Grape

I told my friend that dining at the ALINEA restaurant was blog worthy, and it was. I have therefore decided to share some of my favorite courses with you today.

Alinea Restaurant of Chicago: HOT POTATO: cold potato, black truffle, butter

Alinea Alinea Restaurant of Chicago: LOBSTER: curry, earl grey, grapefruit  of Chicago: LOBSTER: curry, earl grey, grapefruit

Alinea Restaurant of Chicago: TUNA: parsnip, black trumpet, kombu

Alinea Restaurant of Chicago: WOOD EAR: pig ear, allium, black garlic

Alinea Restaurant of Chicago: BLACK TRUFFLE: explosion, asparagus, parmesan

Alinea Restaurant of Chicago: PISTACHIO: mascarpone, black walnut, rose

Alinea Restaurant of Chicago: BALLOON: helium, green apple

Alinea Restaurant of Chicago: MILK CHOCOLATE: pâte sucrée, violet, hazelnut

At ALINEA of Chicago tables of 2, 4, and 6 are accommodated, so keep that in mind when planning your evening. You make reservation 2 months in advance and ALINEA also has some last minute options available that they share through their Facebook page. But my understanding is that it can be difficult to get a reservation at ALINEA and if you do get one – savor it.

Thank you Rich for a wonderful birthday celebration and a phenomenal dining experience!

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