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Disney On-The-Road Chicago #DisneyOTR #DisneySMMoms

Last week I was lucky enough to have been a part of the Disney Social MediaMoms Disney On-The-Road {#DisneyOTR} event. The happiest place on Earth brought a little bit of their magic to Chicago for us to enjoy, and enjoy this event I did! Spending time with fellow bloggers that I rarely get to see and companies I like is always a treat. I was also introduced to some new faces and businesses that I was not familiar with, but am so glad I was given the opportunity to learn more about. This event was fun and informative and made me want to hop on a plane and head back to Disney.
Disney OTR Celebration in Chicago #DisneyOTR #DisneySMMedia

Disney OTR Celebration in Chicago #DisneyOTR #DisneySMMedia #MomMart

As per the norm, I was a wee bit early to the event and had the luxury of relaxing and mingling with fellow Disney obsessed media moms while waiting for the doors to open and the event to kick off. I had a chance to chat briefly with MariaBailey, BSM Media founder and CEO, and meander throughout the room scoping out all the sponsors and taking some #DisneySide photos. The team at BSM Media did a wonderful job putting on this event and creating a magical atmosphere embracing all things Disney! We received a warm welcome from Jamie Langdon, Walt Disney World Public Relations and Social Media Manager, and Leanne Jakubowski O' Regan, Director Social Media at Disney Parks, to kick off this event. 

I always love learning new things about Disney and I was treated to fun tidbits, behind the scenes videos, and some all around great presentations about Disney and all that they do. A fellow Star Wars fan Gary Buchanan, the social media managing editor at Disney Parks Blog, shared with us his fabulously Jedi inspired Disney Side as well as some adorable videos of others showing their Disney Side. He also shared with us information about the brand new Disney Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride and the weekly challenges {spoiler alert – there are weekly prizes as well as one phenomenal grand prize of a 7-night vacation for four to Walt Disney World Resort!}.

Disney OTR Celebration in Chicago #DisneyOTR #DisneySMMedia #MomMart #BabyDickey #GaryBuchanan #MichelleStepney

Disney OTR Celebration in Chicago #DisneyOTR #DisneySMMedia #MomMart #GaryBuchanan

The social media manager of the Disney Parks Blog, JenniferFickley-Baker, shared with us how they determine and gather their content, how some of their most popular series have come about, and how Disney has been bringing to life our most beloved places from our favorite films. After listening to Jennifer I feel that I need to pay even closer attention to my surroundings on my next visit to Disney, as it is all about the details!

One of the sponsors of this event was Hewlett Packard and Lori Lorenz shared with us some common problems moms’ today face as well as some great HP solutions. I loved it! I really enjoyed her discussion because I already own the HP printer she had in her video presentation and as a result I learned some really cool new tricks to try at home! I can print things like crafts and coloring pages. I can even print a gift card from home from the TooSmileswebsite. Watch out friends and family… here come the gift cards!

After a brief break Michelle Stepney, the Content Director at Disney Parks Global Content Development, shared some really great advice about interviews and etiquette. Just a few brief tidbits from Michelle – Interviewers are looking for great sound bites. You need to get your message across and be succinct. Be confident. She had so much more to share and my notes from her segment are about two pages front and back. She was fabulous and had great real world advice.

Disney OTR Celebration in Chicago #DisneyOTR #DisneySMMedia #HuggiesMomInspiredProgram #Padalily #BabyElephantEars

Speaking of real world advice, two of the previous Huggies Mom InspiredProgram winners participated in a panel discussing their innovative products, how their products came to be, and how the Huggies Mom Inspired Program helped them succeed. Lily Winnail with Padalily and Alicia Overby with Baby Elephant Ears were very inspirational and I truly enjoyed hearing the stories behind the products. Because I too believe that the story is important.

And then there was the energetic and charismatic Ramon De Leon. I barely know where to begin to describe this presentation. As someone who is also very energetic and positive it was a treat for me to watch those characteristics shine in another. He was fun and offered great advice! He calls himself “The pizza guy who gets it” – and boy oh boy does he get it! From his video selfies to his twitter responses from followers he makes every person he interacts with FEEL like he cares about them. That is powerful stuff! My favorite tidbit of advice I took away from Ramon De Leon’s presentation was to ask the right questions. So many times we ask why we can’t do something instead of asking how we can make something happen. This simple advice can be the difference between being the innovative creator of something magical or playing catch-up in a world that continues to move at lightning speed. Thank you Ramon for such an informative, energetic, and enjoyable experience, I would happily participate in another presentation of yours!

Disney OTR Celebration in Chicago #DisneyOTR #DisneySMMedia #RamonDeLeon #RamonWow #MomMart

I can only imagine how magical the #DisneySMMoms event at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Land truly are. Based on my experience with the #DisneyOTR event in Chicago I am betting that it is truly an enchanting experience sprinkled with pixie dust and a little bit of bibbidi bobbidi boo too! Thank you Disney, BSM Media, and all of the lovely sponsors for putting on this exciting and educational event.  

Disney OTR Celebration in Chicago #DisneyOTR #DisneySMMedia #Chicago

Disney OTR Celebration in Chicago #DisneyOTR #DisneySMMedia #PrincessEtch #JeanneLebowitch

Disney OTR Celebration in Chicago #DisneyOTR #DisneySMMedia #Mickey Mouse #BabyDickey #MomMart

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms On-the-Road Conference. I was not asked to blog about the conference. I was not paid to write this. All opinions are 100% my own.  

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