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DIY baby hair clips with a no-slip grip #Tutorial

My crafty sister-in-law Wendy has been at it again and I must give her full credit for this craft - as it was completely inspired by her hair clips with a no-slip grip that she made for her daughter. My daughter has had enough of headbands with big flowers on them and frequently pulls them off and discards them when I am not looking. She has fine hair that doesn’t hold clips well and when I have looked in the stores at clips none of them had an anti-slip feature… making them useless for my daughter. Then one day I noticed my niece and her adorable hair clips and I asked my sister-in-law about them. Viola, a new obsession was born. I have been quite busy making these baby hair clips with the no-slip grip and since they turned out so well I have decided to whip up a little tutorial for you. So without further ado, here is my tutorial on how to make no-slip baby hair bows.
DIY baby hair clips with a no-slip grip, #DIY #Tutorial #Homemade #HairBow

What you need:
Hot glue gun
3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon {although other ribbon will work I have found that I like the grosgrain best}
Single prong hairclip
Kitchen shelf liner

How to Make It:
Take the grosgrain ribbon and cut in 4 pieces {one 7 inch piece, one 4 inch piece, one 3 inch piece, and one 1½ inch piece}

Take all of the pieces and singe each end with a lighter – thus sealing them and stopping them from fraying and making a hot mess of your pretty bow.

Take the 4 in piece of ribbon and place a dot of hot glue on one end and then connect the ends {creating a circle}.

Repeat this process with the 3 inch piece of ribbon.

Place a dot of hot glue on the inside of the ribbon where you connected the ends. Now press together with the top of the ribbon circle {creating a little bow with one circle}.

Repeat this process with the other circle piece of ribbon, creating two little bows.

Now place a dot on the center of the 4 inch little bow and attach it to the center of the 3 inch little bow - connecting the little bows together. Set aside.

Take the 7 inch ribbon and starting on the inside of the hair clip use the hot glue gun to attach the ribbon the single prong hair clip {start inside on the bottom of the clip and slowly work your way all the way around. Do NOT try to do it all at once or you will either burn your fingers or the glue will cool… either way – not good.}

Cut a small piece of the kitchen shelf liner {about 1 inch long and ½ in thick} and hot glue it to the TOP of the hair clip. If you glue it onto the bottom it will make slipping on the hair clip difficult. So make sure to glue it to the top.

Now go back to your little bows and take the 1½ inch ribbon and wrap it around the center of the bows. Make sure that the place where it connects is on the larger bow {the side that will be glued to the hair clip and will not be seen}. Glue the 1½ in place.

Now take the bow and place a dot of hot glue on the center and adhere it to the hair clip.

DIY baby hair clips with a no-slip grip, #DIY #Tutorial #Homemade #HairBow

How to make your own baby hair clips with a no-slip grip, #DIY #Tutorial #Homemade #HairBow

How to make your own baby hair clips with a anti-slip grip, #DIY #Tutorial #Homemade #HairBow

Viola! You now have an adorable no-slip baby hair clip that you made yourself for a fraction of the cost of buying them elsewhere. Cost really wasn’t the issue for me so much as the usefulness of the hair bows. I love that these have the ribbon going all the way around the clips so that there is no fear of poking my child with metal and there is no hair being caught in the clip and pulled out.

How to make your own baby hair clips with a no-slip grip, #DIY #Tutorial #Homemade #HairBow

There are other bows that I have been playing around with and they require larger size ribbon and a different bow making technique that after I have mastered I will be sure to come back and share in future tutorials. But they are currently a work in progress and a bit messy.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Thanks for coming by to check it out!

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