Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting a little uncomfortable now… #Pregnancy Week 25

So I am getting bigger and as I get bigger the waddle increases, the belly gets tighter, and I start to feel like an over inflated balloon. I feel like it is a little early in this pregnancy to feel this way, but I do have pregnancy brain and rose colored glasses on when it comes to each pregnancy.

How Far Along: 
25 Weeks Pregnant {25 weeks 5 days}

Due Date: 
June 22nd, 2013

Boy or girl: 

Bump Picture: 
I am getting bigger by the day and depending on what I wear some days I feel like I look like the good year blimp. I know this is not the case and I am not really huge {I am gaining the correct amount of weight, so says the doctor.} I just feel huge.

Pregnancy Week 25

Pregnancy Week 25

Baby Development:  
Head to heel - Julia is now measures about 13 1/2 inches. Her weight is about a pound and a half {think head of cauliflower}.  She is beginning to exchange her long, lean look for some baby fat. She's also growing more hair — and if you could see it, you'd now be able to discern its color and texture.

Aside from feeling huge I am really tired all the time. Granted I am chasing around two little boys under the age of 4, but I am more tired than what is typical for me for the second trimester.

Currently craving: 
I am back on the spicy train. I am really looking for food with a kick and I STILL have not had my taco fix from Stir Crazy yet. I am also really wanting bagel and lox thanks to a fancy footed Social Fabric friend of mine posting a picture of his breakfast… (TED!)

Currently Avoiding: 
I am not avoiding anything right now.

Belly button status: 
In… although we are getting kinda close here.

She is still an early riser, but now we are becoming more active in the middle of the night too. Not cool Julia… Not cool.


Any appointments?: 
I had my doctor’s appointment this week and I scheduled my Glucose Test {Gestational Diabetes Test} for week 28, My next appointment for week 29, and my follow up ultrasound for week 30.

The follow up ultrasound is to check on Julia’s kidneys – as they were presenting rather on the larger side during my 20 week appointment. I am not too worried about this as I went through the same thing with my first born.

Any baby related purchases?:
Umm…. I may have bought a couple more little girl outfits… and some little socks. I need to get moving on the nursery, but am having so much fun putting together design boards I am unable to decide on one theme. That and I am waiting for the bunk beds we ordered for Steven to come so we can transition him out of the crib and into his big boy room.

I cannot believe that I am just a couple weeks away from being in my third trimester {starts at week 28}! At the doctor’s office this week I received a folder filled with third trimester information as well as wellness screening sheets for siblings to fill out for when my children come visit me at the hospital. Oy! I am so not ready to think about that yet!

How long did you wait to have your nursery ready for baby?

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