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Product Review: The Ergobaby Carrier

Ergobaby baby wearing

I love baby wearing, but I was not always such a baby wearing fan. When I had my first child I was a novice when it came to baby wearing and thought that all baby carriers were created equal. I bought a super inexpensive soft structured carrier on clearance for about $10 and thought I was set… I was wrong.

The more baby wearing I did the more I knew I needed to look into a better baby carrier. My original carrier hurt my back and neck after a quick walk around the block {we are talking less than a ½ hour of baby wearing at a time}. I knew that I loved the closeness and bonding I got from baby wearing - as well as the ability to multitask and be hands free; but I was not happy with the pain baby wearing caused me and my little guy didn’t seem too comfy after a half hour either!

Thankfully other people out there felt my pain and a new type of carrier was created with ergonomics in mind. When I gave birth to my first born son there were not a lot of options out there; now there are all kinds of carriers out there and they come in all shapes and sizes. One of my personal favorites and one I continually use again and again is my Ergobaby Carrier.

 The Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier is
Mom Mart Approved!

What we love about this baby carrier:
  • My favorite feature on the Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier is the fact that I can put it on and take it off all by myself. As a mom with two little boys and another little one on the way I need to be able to work my baby gear all by myself without any added assistance. I can buckle the straps and place my little one inside with ease.
  • I love the waist belt that provides the back support that I need for extended baby wearing. I take my Ergobaby Carrier to the museum, the zoo, and events in place of a stroller and need to be able to baby wear for extended periods of time without pain, my Ergobaby carrier does the job successfully by distributing my child’s weight evenly.
  • The Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier comes with a sleeping hood that can be tucked away in a pouch or used to support my sleeping son’s head and protect him from weather and wind… and strangers who feel the need to invade my personal space. This has been such a blessing for us. When we are out and my son nods off I can snap on the sleeping hood and just keep on going while he catches up on some much needed sleep while cuddling with mom.
  • I am a huge fan of how lightweight and breathable this carrier is. In the Chicagoland area it can get pretty hot during the summer and baby wearing can get uncomfortable if you do not have the right carrier. The Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier is super light weight, lined in 100% cotton, and has a slit in the front to help with ventilation.
  • Machine washable. YES!!!!!!! I have washed my Ergobaby carrier more times than I can count over the last year of owning it and it is still a vibrant red color. I love that I can send it through the wash whenever I need to. This is great especially around cold and flu season when cleaning and disinfecting everything is at a maximum!

Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier RED

Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier RED

When I found out I was pregnant with baby number three and was told I could no longer pick up and carry around my littlest guy {weighing in at just over 20lbs at the time}, I was given the go ahead to baby wear with him using my Ergobaby carrier by my doctor after she checked out the carrier so long as I was comfortable and there was no stress being put on my abdomen. While I am not baby wearing at all right now, thanks to a large pregnant belly, I look forward to being able to baby wear again once baby number three comes along!

I love this carrier and have used it frequently over the last year that I have owned it. With a growing family, baby wearing is a necessity for me. Thank goodness I love it so much! I have even bought myself an infant insert to use for the next baby {this is considered an accessory and is not included in the purchase of the carrier}.

You can use this carrier with three carry positions: the front carry, the back carry, and the hip carry. I have not had the nerve yet to have my kids on my back, although my husband has and seems to enjoy it. I fear the hair pulling that I am sure would ensue.  My favorite position is the front position, I feel like I am getting hugged the entire time and I love it!

Check out the Ergobaby Sport Baby Carrier as well as the rest of their collection!

I have owned my Ergobaby carrier for over a year and did not receive it from anyone for the purposes of a review, nor was I paid for this review. I am sharing my thoughts, opinions, and insights here because I truly do enjoy using this baby carrier and thought that it was innovative enough to share. I hope you find this review helpful.

Do you baby wear and if so what do you look for in a baby carrier?

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