Friday, March 1, 2013

Kid Craft: How to Make Shaving Cream Paint

how to make shaving cream paint

This may seem ridiculously simple, but after the whole puffy paint fiasco I take nothing for granted. In case you missed it, a couple weeks ago we tried our hands at making puffy paint and it did not go well. Needless to say that our puffy paint did not puff and we were more than a little disappointed.

After reading through the comments I received on the unsuccessful puffy paint post, I decided to try out a shaving cream kid craft. It was pretty easy to make and really simple to clean up – so you know that this is one that we will be doing again!

What you need:
Shaving Cream {NOT the gel kind; a cheap dollar store bottle of shaving cream will do.}
Muffin tin or another similar container that will keep the colors separate
Food Coloring
Paint brushes

How to make it:
Put the shaving cream into the muffin tin.
Add the food coloring to the shaving cream to get your desired colors.
Mix the food coloring into the shaving cream with the spoon or a mixing stick.
Give the children the paper and paint brushes and let them get creative!

Shaving Cream Paint Craft

Painting with Shaving Cream

My kids could not get enough of this activity. They sat in their seats painting with the shaving cream paint for well over an hour, making three to four pictures each. This was a HUGE success! It was a breeze to clean up, as it was simply a matter of rinsing out the muffin tin and paint brushes and wiping down the table where they painted.

I was a little worried at first because the shaving cream paint {i.e. the food coloring} seemed to be dying my skin wherever I spilled it. My younger son had purple and red hands after he completed his paintings. Right after we finished painting I gave the boys a bath and they came out clean and dye free.

With how simple this activity was to set up, create, and clean up – it will definitely be making another appearance in our home. I have heard people doing this as a bath time activity and I would be curious to give it a try. My only worry is that the boys shower curtain and bath mats are white and I fear staining them… I will have to give this idea some more consideration.

Mom Mart: Shaving Cream Paint

Have you made Shaving Cream Paint? If so, did you use it on paper or in the tub, and how did you like it?

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