Friday, March 8, 2013

Kid Craft: Construction Paper Collage

Kid Craft Construction Paper Collages

The kid craft we are completing this week is construction paper collages. Although the paper I am using is constructions paper, you can use virtually any scrap paper you have lying around the house. Since I scrapbook, we will be doing this activity again once I can find my scrapbook paper holder {it is in the basement stored away while we are working on household projects}.

The purpose of this activity is to let the kids have creative freedom to make whatever they choose while working on learning our colors and shapes. They will also be working with glue, which is not something we typically use –but I am trying to incorporate into more of our activities. 

It took me about five minutes to cut up all of the scrap paper that we are using for this project thanks to my paper cutter! I cannot imagine how long it would have taken me to do this by hand. So if you do not have a simple paper slicer – go get one! They range in price. I use one of the more basic ones and LOVE it!

What you need
Colored paper
Paper slicer {cutter}
Whole sheet of paper to use as the background

Take the colored paper and slice it into squares and rectangles using the paper cutter {slicer}.
Hand the children the whole sheet of paper to use as the backdrop
Give the kids a glue stick {or bottle of glue}. – I would demonstrate how to use this if your child is young or does not have much experience using glue. If not monitored you could end up with a giant glue mess on your hands – so be vigilant.
Let the kids get their craft on.

Kid Craft Construction Paper Collages

I like to sit with my children and make my own version of each project as they create their own unique works of art. They can see me modeling how to complete the activity without me having to hover over what they are making. This also allows me to talk to them about what they are creating and quiz them on shapes and colors.

It may seem like a really simple project, and it is, but it is also a really easy go to craft for rainy days, bored jar days, or whenever! I recommend taking whatever paper you have left over from this craft and putting it in a container to use later. You can save all kinds of scrap paper and add it to your stash for collage days. It is a great way to be green, get creative, and entertain your children.

Have you ever made a collage?

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