Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bathroom Update: It’s the little things…

I realized that it had been a while since I updated you as to the status of my home improvements… and then I realized it had been a while since we did anything. Oops. The last thing we did was make some much needed additions to the downstairs guest bath.

The guest bathroom is a work in progress, but it is coming along nicely. We added a mirror, floating shelves, and a rug. While these are all small and relatively inexpensive additions, I feel that they really make a difference in this small powder room.

I made a couple trips to various stores looking for some shelving to put up behind the toilet and had the dickens of a time finding something I liked. So I took to the World Wide Web and found the perfect floating shelves at Home Depot online. I wanted something that would be deep enough to put more than just a picture frame on but not too deep that you knocked your head every time you sat down to use the restroom… Because that would just be annoying.

The mirror was another hard find for me. I spent a long time looking online for a bathroom mirror that was reasonably priced. I was not going to paying over $200 for a bathroom mirror! I measured my bathroom in order to see what size I was looking for and then I searched online. After a frustrating couple of hours I took a break. While walking through my house I saw my entry mirror and thought that it would be perfect if it was white {the entry mirror is black}. I took it off the wall and brought it to the bathroom and decided it was perfect. When I looked on the back to see where I got it from I saw that it was an IKEA mirror. So I got on their website and found that it came in white! Hooray! The mirror was a done deal.

Wall mirrors
I knew I needed a rug or two in the bathroom and I actually have extra white bath mats, but when I put them in the bathroom it was just too much white. I needed something to anchor the space. So I packed up the boys and we headed to Home Goods {I love this store and if you have one near you CHECK IT OUT!}. They always have some unusual yet fabulous finds.  I found a rug that I liked and that could work for a number of spaces in my home. I tried it for the back door, the entry way, and finally found it a home in the bathroom. I really like it!

So here it is. Here are our latest home improvements… But don’t worry. They won’t be the last.

1/2 Bath1/2 Bath

1/2 Bath1/2 Bath

Shelving: Home Depot {8” x 24” x 1- ¾” Floating Shelf} $19.94 per shelf

Mirror: Ikea {HEMNES Mirror} $44.99

Rug: Home Goods {28” x 48”} $34.99

So what do you think so far? There is still work to be done, I know this. The light fixture and faucet have to be replaced as does the towel bar and the light switch. I do not really like the two toned look and want something in a brushed nickel I think. I am also on the lookout for some vintage grey looking metal baskets to put on the floating shelves. I would put extra towels and extra toilet paper in them so that they would be pretty and useful.

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