Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gestational Diabetes Glucose Testing

This last week I took my Gestational Diabetes Glucose Test at my doctor’s office. If you have never taken one of these before, let me tell you they do not taste great and they take quite a bit of time. You are not supposed to eat 3 hours before your testing and once you get there they draw some blood before you drink the oh so delicious beverage provided. You are then required to wait an hour {unless you are doing the 3 hour test} in the waiting room. Once the hour is up you get the luxury of getting more blood drawn.

Gestational Diabetes Glucose Test Beverage

The boys playing doctor at the doctor's office.

Because something came up I had to bring both the boys with me to the doctor’s office for this testing. This means that I had to keep two little boys well behaved and entertained for over an hour in an office setting and calm while they watched mommy get stuck with a needle and blood drawn. Not my idea of a relaxing afternoon, but what can you do? You make it work.

In order for me to “make it work” I planned ahead with coloring books, crayons, Doctor Dress Up kits, board books, snacks, and an iPad. The boys alternated what they played with and did a surprisingly good job of listening and remaining calm throughout the whole process. While I probably over-packed for this excursion, I feel that it was better to have too much than to not have enough.

This was my first time ever taking the children with me for my gestational diabetes glucose testing. When I was pregnant with Steven my husband stayed at home with William so that I could have a stress free office visit. Although the time did seem to go by faster with the children there entertaining me and requiring my full attention, I don’t think that it was a very relaxing experience for anyone. But hey, we survived!

Have you ever taken the Gestational Diabetes Glucose Test and if so, did you go alone or with children in tow?

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