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DIY Modern Purple Baby Shower

Modern Purple Baby Shower

Last month I co-hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law Krystal. Krystal is pregnant with a little girl and has embraced all things girly and purple for her little bundle of joy. She and my brother have planned a super cute nursery and the predominant color is purple. So when it came to planning the shower I too embraced the purple theme and decided to give the baby shower a purple modern feel.

It all started with a piece of paper. I went shopping for paper to make modern baby shower invitations and happened across this beautiful chevron paper that had shades of purple and a pop of teal. It was perfect. I found coordinating paper and bought enough to make my own baby shower invitations as well as party favors and décor.

The invitations were pretty simple to make and only took me a day to create. You can check them out in my Modern Baby Shower Invitation post.

Modern Purple Baby Shower Invitation

Once the invitations were sent and my RSVP’s came back in I had a better idea of how many people to expect and how many table decorations and party favors I would need to create. Since I had vases left over from co-hosting my little sisters Cinderella Themed Wedding Shower, I knew that my decorations would include these dollar store vases once again {I love it when I get to reuse party supplies}.

To make the vases I removed stickers/paper and washed them. Then I cut the paper I planned on using {12x12 paper} into strips of various thickness to create a layered look. I glued the strips of paper together using quick dry scrapbooking glue. Then I taped the paper to the vase. This was a very simple and inexpensive decoration. Inside the vases we put water and purple hydrangeas {because they are such a full flower you only need 1-2 per vase for a bountiful look}.

DIY Purple Modern Baby Shower Centerpieces

The party favors were a bit trickier. I knew I wanted to use the scrapbook paper once again to tie in the modern pattern around the table and I wanted it to pop PURPLE! But there are not a whole lot of purple candies available to choose from. I went with a grape jelly belly candy that I bought at a specialty candy store in my local mall {I spent too much money on this candy – and if I were to do this again I would have ordered some type of chocolate online; chocolate covered almonds, M&M’s, or something similar}. These favors were a bit more involved than the vases, so I thought I would offer a mini tutorial.

DIY Purple Modern Baby Shower Party Favors

What you need to make the favors:
 3in x 4in clear plastic bags {I started out trying sandwich bags but they were just too big.}
Scrapbook paper {how many would depend on the look you are going for, I only used about 3 sheets}
Printable labels
Sewing machine with thread OR Stapler with staples {I sewed mine, but you can just as easily staple the paper onto the baggies}

How to make the favors:
Use the plastic baggie to measure the paper so that the paper will completely cover the top of the baggie {It should easily fold over the top of the bag}.
Use this measurement as a template to cut enough paper for the amount of bags needed.
Stuff the bags 2/3 of the way full with the candy of choice.
Fold the paper over the bag and either sew the paper to the bag or staple it. If you chose to staple think about where you are planning on placing the label and how wide of a label you are using. You should not be able to see the staples/thread once the labels are in place.
Print on the labels your message of choice – either via printer or by hand.
Adhere the labels to the favors making sure to cover unsightly sewing/staples.

DIY Purple Modern Baby Shower Party Favors

I have numbers on my baby shower party favors because we used the favors as a game for the shower. Each favor had a different number on it and near the beginning of the shower the mother-to-be drew a number out of a bag to award a guest a fabulous prize. I love it when something can do double duty – like a favor that doubles as a game!

Since we were throwing this shower in a restaurant there was not a whole lot of decorating to be done. Each table had a vase with hydrangea at its center, a favor at each place setting, and a pacifier necklace at each place setting {also another game}. The gift table was also decorated. It had a vase with hydrangea as well as some balloons and a sign.

Modern Purple Baby Shower Table Sign

The sign was something I added as an afterthought, but I love it. I used the same colors and font as I used for the invitations and I created a Welcome sign on standard printer paper. I then took one of my last sheets of the chevron scrapbook paper and cut out the chevron to be placed on top of the welcome sign. Once glued and dried I placed it in a very simple white frame.

Modern Purple Baby ShowerModern Purple Baby Shower

Modern Purple Baby Shower Tables

The shower went great. The mother-to-be was showered with fabulous gifts and everyone seemed to have had a wonderful time visiting and playing games. We played four games. The number game on the party favors was the first game. Throughout the shower everyone wore the pacifier necklace and if you got caught saying “baby” you had to give up your necklace –all of them- to whoever caught you {this was a big hit}. Another game we played was a celebrity baby trivia/ baby themed movie trivia game. The final game we played was the purple game {fitting since it was a modern purple themed shower}. The purple game was simple; whoever had the most purple colored items in their purse won.

When all was said and done I was sad to leave the shower – even though I stupidly wore heals, a dress, and panty hose while 6+ months pregnant! What was I thinking? I had a blast playing the games and oohing and aahhing over everything my sister-in-law was receiving. It was fun to plan and came off without a hitch. I can’t wait to plan my next shower.

Have you ever been to a baby shower?
If so, what was your favorite shower game?

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