Thursday, April 11, 2013

Having to slow down and take it easy #Pregnancy Week 29

I have been told that I need to stop picking up my 30lb baby boy… Okay he is no longer really a baby at 30 lbs, but he is still my baby. Since his big boy bed has still not arrived yet I am still forced to lift him up to put him in his crib and take him out. I still have to pick him up to put him in his car seat and in shopping carts as well. While I am trying really hard to stick to only lifting him when absolutely necessary, it is really hard for me. I am used to picking up both of my children and am constantly catching myself giving in lifting them when I don’t really need to… I am stubborn and am having a hard time with this.

How Far Along: 
29 Weeks Pregnant {29 weeks 5 days}

Due Date: 
June 22nd, 2013

Boy or girl: 

Bump Picture: 
Getting big day by day…

Pregnancy Week 29

Pregnancy Week 29

Baby Development:  
My baby’s muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and her head is growing bigger to make room for her developing brain. During this trimester, about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in my baby's hardening skeleton daily. She is also starting to plump up a bit and as a result seems to have more energy.

I am starting to notice a little pelvic pain as baby gets bigger and is in need of taking up more space. This is not super uncomfortable, but it is forcing me to slow down. This week at the doctor’s visit I discovered that I have an umbilical hernia. This hernia is painful and is located at my belly button – which is expanding anyways due to pregnancy. My doctor informed me that since she can push it back in and nothing is being trapped there is no need to do anything about it while pregnant. This is something that we will need to keep an eye on and deal with after the pregnancy and may require surgery. YIKES!

Currently craving: 
Craving veggies. I am on a vegetable side dish and salad kick.

Currently Avoiding: 
I am not avoiding anything right now.

Belly button status: 
I guess that with the umbilical hernia my almost an outie belly button is more understandable. When I stand I have an innie. When I lie down it can look like it is almost an outie… but I can also massage my belly button so that it is back to being an innie when lying down as well…. wow that was a complicated answer to a very simple question.

She is up early and sleeps most of the day. She is very active right when my head hits the pillow and I am ready for some sleep. I truly hope this is not a sign of what is to come.


Any appointments?: 
I took my glucose test last week and got my results back, I passed! Hooray! I had a doctor’s appointment this week and am moving right along. I have been told to slow down and take it easy and not to lift my children. I also discovered that I have a hernia – boo hernia. Next week I have my follow up ultra sound.

Any baby related purchases?:

So this whole umbilical hernia thing is no fun, but apparently it is not that uncommon and is not something that requires any serious action to be taken immediately. To relieve my pain I push the tissue back in {I poke my belly button gently} and massage the area. This surprisingly alleviates most of the pain. I am not sure if there is anything else that I should or should not be doing for this, I will probably be sending my doctor an email with a boat load of questions. I figure that it is nothing to get too stressed out about at this time since I have a way of easily dealing with the pain.

Since my belly is getting bigger I now have to lay on my side more and more. Sitting up has become a process… I lay on my side and slowly pushing myself up to a sitting position. There is no more springing up and taking off at the drop of a hat. I am well and truly feeling this pregnancy.

My son asked me the other day if Julia could hear him. I told him that she could. He told me that I needed to cover my ears and not listen, and then he leaned into my belly and whispered to the baby. He asked her if she liked to play outside, then he popped up and asked me what she said. He was a little disappointed when I told him that Julia couldn’t talk yet, but I was sure that she did enjoy being outside.

Did people ever talk to your belly when you were pregnant?

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