Thursday, December 5, 2013

A great gift for baby: The CombiUSA All-in-One Activity Walker #Review

I love shopping for babies. It may be because I love babies and everything about them. They are tiny little miracles that usually smell great and have the most adorable giggles ever. I don’t even mind the spit up – they are that cute. When it comes to shopping for a baby it can be a bit overwhelming at times since there are so many options out there. So I tend to like the products that can multitask. The CombiUSA All-in-One Activity Walker is a walker, an entertainer, a jumper, and a safe place to grab a snack {Thank you CombiUSA for providing me with a sample All-in-One Activity Walker}. This sleek little activity walker is multifunctional as well as adorable and we love it!

CombiUSA All-in-One Activity Walker

What we love about the CombiUSA All-in-One Activity Walker:
I absolutely love the classic car theme of this entertainment center. It is adorable and depending on your color choice {The CombiUSA All-in-One Activity Walker is available in black, yellow, pink, red, and blue} this activity walker can be gender neutral or full on team pink or team blue. The steering wheel lights up and makes noises, the mirrors have spinners, and there are even little taillights {the tail lights do not light up, but are an adorable nod to the whole car theme}. It is totally cute and incredibly engaging for my little girl. 

I love that the hood {electronic play tray} of the car can be removed so that the activity walker can be turned into a large snack and drink tray. This is a great place for my little one to grab a snack.

There is an adjustable lock feature on the side that turns the activity walker into a jumper. We lock the jump feature to use it in activity walker mode and unlock it to let our baby work those little leg muscles and jump to her heart’s content. This is also where you can adjust the height of the walker. There are three height positions available. This is great for longevity.

I am a very big fan of the seat itself. It is a soft cushioned mesh seat that can be removed for easy cleanup. It breathes well and is a wonderfully soft place for my baby to sit up and relax.


CombiUSA All-in-One Activity Walker PINK

CombiUSA All-in-One Activity Walker

CombiUSA All-in-One Activity Walker PINK Removable Play Tray

To connect with CombiUSA, you can visit them on Facebook or on twitter at @CombiUSA.

Buy It:
The Combi USA All-in-One Activity Walker is available to purchase online at various retailers such as Amazon, Kohls, Walmart, and Toys R Us among others. 

CombiUSA All-in-One Activity Walker Happy Baby

We love this multifunctional activity walker and use it around the house constantly. It is a great place for my little one to play safely while my older children play with older children toys that might not be so baby friendly. It gives me those extra five minutes that I need to get something done around the house. I love my All-in-One Activity Walker and would recommend it as a great gift for baby.

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