Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Magnetic World Map Wall Art Project

My son has a pirate themed bedroom. It is not an over the top pirate theme. It is also not cartoonish. It is more nautical than anything else… or at least it was until we took on a magnetic world wall map project.  I knew that I wanted a large world map that my son could interact with in his room and I knew that I wanted it mounted on his wall. So I spent a bit of time thinking about how I wanted to accomplish this and decided on magnets.

How to make an interactive world map wall art #DIY #Magnetic #WorldMap

What you need:
2 -17x23 Magnetic Dry-Erase Board
36x48 Hammond World Wall Map Modern Day as Antique 
Mod Podge 

How to make it:
Take the map and lay in on the magnetic dry erase board to figure out where you want to cut. I cut the map in half and then trimmed around the sides until if fit inside the frame of the magnetic dry erase board.
Now take the Magnetic Dry-Erase Board and put on a coat of Mod Podge. Do one board completely before moving onto the second board so that the Mod Podge does not dry out.
Lay the map on top of the Mod Podge on the Magnetic Dry-Erase Board; starting at one end and smoothing flat as you go in order to avoid bubbling.
Now put on 1-2 coats of Mod Podge on top of the map to seal it onto the Magnetic Dry-Erase Board. Let the Mod Podge dry between coats.
Now repeat this process on the second Magnetic Dry-Erase Board for the other half of the map.
I let my maps dry overnight and then I hung them on the wall the next day. These are sturdy boards – so you want to make sure for safety sake that you are anchoring them to a stud.

How to make an interactive world map wall art #DIY #Magnetic #WorldMap

How to make an interactive world map wall art #DIY #Magnetic #WorldMap

I spent hours searching the internet for the perfect pirate world map for my son’s bedroom. After looking and looking and looking I finally found the perfect map. I bought the Hammond World Wall Map – Modern Day as Antique on ebay and I love it! I chose this map because it has a vintage feel and I knew my son would go crazy for the pirate ships and sea creatures on the map. 

I bought my 17x23 Magnetic Dry-Erase Board with Tray at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. I chose this specific Magnetic Dry-Erase Board because it screws into the wall in each corner. I knew that this would be the safest choice for my over active boys who like to bounce off walls. They could play with the map to their hearts content and I would not worry at all about it coming down on them.

We were originally going to put the map in frames, but then my husband decided that he wanted our son to be able to play with the map. Then we talked about doing a corkboard and quickly decided against the kids having tacks to play with {can’t you just hear the screaming that would have created!}. Then we landed on the idea of a magnet board. I told my husband about oil pans being a good option, but he wanted something that was more finished looking. I think this turned out quite well.

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