Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Best Christmas Card Ever: Macadamia Nut Craziness!

We have a family friend who is quite the jet setter. His name is Rich and he hops on a plane to travel like most of us hop in a car to run to the grocery store. Rich used to live in Hawaii and whenever he would come to visit he would bring me some sort of macadamia nut treat or Kona coffee. I know – how spoiled am I? The answer was that I was extremely spoiled. And then Rich moved out of Hawaii and my macadamia nut/Kona coffee stopped coming. And then… a box came.

Best Christmas Card ever with  Macadamia Nut

Big Island Shortbread Assortment

Hawaiian Host MacNut Crunch

Island Princess Mele Macs

Hawaiian Host Maui Caramacs

Hawaiian Host White Chocolate covered macadamia nuts

Best Christmas Card. Macadamia Nut

A magical box filled with delicious macadamia nut goodies showed up at my door the other day with a lovely Christmas card inside. The Christmas card was from our friend Rich who had taken a trip back to Hawaii and while there decided to send us a little holiday cheer. I can quite easily say that this was the best Christmas card I have ever received. These were delicious and everyone loved them… there are none left. We had a little sampling party and ate them all! Thanks Rich!

Do you have a favorite Christmas card? What made it so special?

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