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ABC Kids Expo – Strollers #ABCKids14

As many of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram know – I recently attended the ABC Kids expo in Las Vegas. It was amazing. Since I am addicted to baby gear I was ridiculously excited to see what the baby industry had planned for new and amazing products. I was not disappointed. Since there was so much to see and play with I will be breaking up my fabulous finds into several posts. The first post is all about the strollers of #ABCKids14, and there were some pretty cool ones!
#ABCKids14 Expo Strollers

There were a lot of really fantastic strollers to look at, play with, and drool over. Some great strollers have been given a makeover and tweaked for better efficiency. Others are brand spanking new and ready to make their debut. I am always a fan of bold bright colors when it comes to baby gear and while there were some yellow and red strollers that popped there was also some classic colors making their way back… hello blue. So without further ado, here are some of the stroller that caught my eye at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this year.
First up if the mamas & papas armadillo flip stroller and the armadillo city stroller. What I loved about these strollers was how easy it was to collapse and pop open. Also, when they are collapsed the seating fabric is all folded inside, so that it never touches the ground and stays clean (well… as clean as your children left it). The armadillo flip is pretty lightweight at 20lbs and is suitable for newborn up to 50lbs thanks to its deep recline. Both the flip and the city have a one handed fold and huge canopy make it a great choice. The flip has a reversible seat and is due out in November 2014. The city is due out in October 2014.
ABCKids14 Expo mamas&papas armadillo flip

ABCKids14 Expo mamas&papas armadillo city stroller

Then there was the stroller that comes indoors with you, the guzzie & guss connec+. This is out right now and it caught my eye because of its functionality. The stroller seat can be removed from the stroller {either the +3 (single stroller) or the +4 (double stroller)} and connect to the +Fiesta frame to create a highchair or the +Rest frame to create a rocking seat for baby indoors. I liked the idea of one seat serving multiple functions in the house. Both the +Fiesta and +Rest frames are sold separately.
  ABCKids14 Expo Guzzie + Guss Connect

As many of you know I am a Contours Mom and Contours has upped their game with the recent release of the Options Elite, which takes everything I loved about my Optima and made it even better. With larger canopies, zippered side access to the storage basket, and larger seats this is a pretty versatile stroller {expect a more detailed review of this one soon}.

Contours Options Elite Stroller

I own an original mountain buggy duet and was super excited to see it at the ABC Kids expo in a bold red color. It has also been tweaked a bit. They have changed the collapse feature so that it is easier to access and use and they have changed the peek-a-boo windows from the plastic to a breathable mesh. It looks fantastic!
ABCKids14 Expo Mountian Buggy Duet Makeover

The Stokke Scoot has some new features making it great for the urban lifestyle. It now boasts an adjustable handle, mid rest seating, and foam filled tires. The new black and slate blue colors are classic and subtle. The Stokke Trailz is new this year and it also has an adjustable handle. The Trailz has large air filled tires and a large waterproof shopping basket and the new deep blue color is sleek and sophisticated.
Stokke Scoot Stroller

Stokke Trailz Stroller

And then there was the compact gb zuzu. Hello beautiful. I am obsessed with the finger activated slide fold feature of this stroller. Its fold is shorter than a standard umbrella stroller, color me impressed. It can also serve as a travel system with select Graco and Chicco Infant Car Seats. Very sleek.

ABCKids14 Expo gb zuzu

I was also impressed with the Quinny Buzz Xtra. It will have a new simple folding design, a revamped canopy design, and tires that will not go flat. It will be available in the new Gravel Grey as well as the classic Rocking Black, Red Rumor and Purple Pace. I am a sucker for a fun fold, so I had to take a little video of this one in action. I mean come on... super quick fold!

ABCKids14 Expo Quinny Buzz Xtra

Then there was the BABYZEN yoyo stroller which would be perfect for families that travel frequently – as the yoyo stroller will fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane {*usual authorized size for cabin baggage: 56X45X25cm. Dimensions vary depending on airline*}. And the fact that it comes with a shoulder strap and weighs only 6kg means it is light enough to toss over a shoulder and carry when not in use. – Can you say no more gate checked strollers? I can.

ABCKids14 Expo BABYZEN yoyo

There were a lot of really great strollers to check out at the ABCKids14 Expo in Las Vegas. There were classic colors making a comeback and some bold, bright, and beautiful colors that really brought their A-game. This year the strollers were all about the fold. And since I fold strollers on a daily basis the quicker, easier, and more compact you can get them the happier I will be. While the ABC Kids expo had some pretty fantastic strollers, it was not ALL about the strollers. There was more… much more. I will be working on some more posts from my ABCKids14 experience and posting soon.

Just out of curiosity - do you go for the classic black, navy, and tan colors or do you like to go bold with the bright yellow, red, and teal in a stroller?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I was not given product or compensated and no one asked me to write it. While I was given a media pass to attend the ABC Kids Expo I covered all costs for attending this event myself. This is all just me sharing photos, thoughts, and opinions on new products coming out. I have not had a chance to personally test out every single one of these products.

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