Saturday, September 6, 2014

#DIY Butterfly Color Matching Game

This is my simple no sew felt color matching game. It is super simple to make and a provides hours of fun, depending on how you play. My children helped me make the felt butterflies and even got in on the painting portion of this project. They love creating these DIY crafts just as much as they enjoy playing with the finished project. This DIY felt butterfly color matching game is tactile hands-on fun game for everyone.

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What you need:
Clothing pins
Paint in various colors {I used acrylic paint}
Coordinating felt squares in various colors to match the paint
Paint brush
Butterfly Printable {or you can free hand it if you are so inclined}

How to Make It:
Take the clothing pins and using the acrylic paint, paint each clothing pin one color front and back. Set aside to dry.

Next, cut out the butterfly from the printable and use it to trace the shape directly onto the felt. Using scissors cut out the butterfly shape you just traced from the felt pieces. Repeat one for each color.

Once the paint is dry on the clothing pins you are ready to let the games begin!

There are various ways you can play with this craft. For my younger son I have all of the pieces on a flat surface and I ask him match the clothing pins and butterflies according to color and identify what the colors are. For my older son I hide the butterflies around the house and I will let him pick a clothing pin out of a jar and he has to identify it and then try to find the matching butterfly that is hidden. The treasure hunt approach is a big hit.

I purchased a package of clothing pins at the dollar store and bought the paint for less than a dollar each in the craft aisle at Walmart. The felt can be bought by the sheet at an arts and craft stores and are pretty inexpensive. I used less than ½ a sheet per butterfly. Since there is no sewing involved it is a pretty straight forward craft that even the kiddos can help put together.

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