Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A little snow goes a long way!

I remember when I was little and we lived in Wisconsin and it would snow. We would grab our snow gear and head outside to play. We went sledding, built snow men, and got into snow fights. When I was little older and we lived in St. Charles Illinois I can remember building snow forts with all of the kids in the cul-de-sac. I remember a childhood spent outside playing. So now that I have three little ones I try to get them outside when I can so that they can make some memories of their own… when the weather permits and there isn’t a polar vortex!

Winter Wonderland #Activities #SnowPainting #PolarVortex

Winter Wonderland #Activities #Snow #PolarVortex #Stokke #StokkeBaby #Crusi #JJCole #PolarBundleMe

Winter Wonderland #Activities #Snow #PolarVortex

Winter Wonderland #Activities #Snow #PolarVortex #Stokke #StokkeBaby #Crusi #JJCole #PolarBundleMe

I love the snow and we have been going outside in little bursts to do some winter wonderland crafts and activities. The kids love the snow painting and ice marbles and later this week we are going to try our melting ice science experiment again using clear {uncolored} ice marbles.

I am enjoying this winter, but I will definitely be appreciating the warmer weather once it comes. And while it is beautiful to look outside and see all of the mounds of crisp white snow, a little snow goes a long way. Maybe Queen Elsa of Arendelle {The Disney movie Frozen} could take it back a notch.

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