Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pirates and Pixies Themed Birthday Party #DisneySide

I have a best friend in my neighborhood named Julie. It just so happens that my friend Julie is also the mother to a wonderful little boy and girl who my children love to play with. Works out pretty well, huh? A short time ago my friend Julie celebrated her children’s birthdays with a pirate and pixie themed birthday party. Since she has twins, a boy and a girl, she was going for something for each gender that would be a hit. Mission accomplished! This Pirate and Pixie theme was a smash and my children are still playing with their favors from the party!

Pirates and Pixies Birthday Party Theme #DisneySide #PirateBirthdayParty #PixieBirthdayParty #Twins

Julie put together rooms throughout the house for the kids. The main area was set up in her four seasons room and the ambiance was perfect. She strung up Christmas lights and used painted egg cartons and cupcake liners to create these little flowers on the string. It was adorable and oh so crafty of her. 

Pirates and Pixies Birthday Party Theme #DisneySide #BirthdayParty #Twins #FlowerGarland #FlowerLights

At the tables she had colors, little wooden figures for the children to decorate, pirate hats and eye patches for the boys, and fairy wings and tiara flower headbands for the girls. There were even little stick on mustaches for the boys to put on if they wanted to.

Pirates and Pixies Birthday Party Theme #DisneySide #BirthdayParty #Twins

Pirates and Pixies Birthday Party Theme #DisneySide #BirthdayParty #Twins #FairyWings

Around the corner was a basket of foam swords that lit up. These are one of my favorite things about the party – as the foam meant that no one would lose an eye and the kids could sword fight to their hearts content without anyone getting seriously injured.  

A treasure chest filled with booty was where the children came to collect their reward for playing games. There was a cannon ball game where the kids had a balloon tied to their leg and had to pop the other player’s balloon before theirs got popped! There was also a silly string game, which is always a hit with my children.

Pirates and Pixies Birthday Party Theme #DisneySide #BirthdayParty #Twins #PirateBooty

The birthday cakes were adorable and very Disney - pirates and pixies all the way. Even the piñata was in theme – as it was a gigantic Tinkerbelle. This party was too cute and my friend Julie did an outstanding job putting it all together. My children had a wonderful time and I was blown away by her craftiness and the creativity that went into pulling it off.

Pirates and Pixies Birthday Party Theme #DisneySide #BirthdayParty #Twins #BirthdayCake #Tinkerbelle

Pirates and Pixies Birthday Party Theme #DisneySide #BirthdayParty #Twins #PirateBirthdayCake

Pirates and Pixies Birthday Party Theme #DisneySide #BirthdayParty #Twins #TinkerbellePinata

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