Friday, February 28, 2014

Batman Birthday Party with Printables

My son recently turned five and for his birthday he wanted a Batman themed party. Needless to say I have been in all out party planning and prepping mode since he made this announcement. This is also why it has been a bit quiet around here lately – as there are only so many hours in the day and party planning can take quite a bit of work. As I tend to fully embrace party planning and themes in general, I had my work cut out for me. The party was great and everyone had a good time. I consider this a success. Now I need to recover.

Batman Themed Birthday Party #FreePrintables #Batman #BatmanCapes #BatmanMasks

For the batman birthday party I had a craft for the kids to do, games for them to play, and plenty of favors to take home. Since I tend to go a wee bit overboard I like to try and make most of the party stuff myself instead of purchasing everything in store. When it comes to prepping for a party I like to put on my crafty hat and see what just I can do.

I knew that I wanted the kiddos to have a craft to work on while people trickled in. Something that they could work on without a lot of adult help needed. So I made all of the little boys and girls Batman Masks out of foam {.89¢ for a sheet of foam at Hobby Lobby}. I looked at some dollar store masks for a template and just kind of free handed it and then recreated it for a printable. I cut out the masks and attached some elastic through a hole I poked through each side of the mask. Then I let the kiddos decorate them with sparkly foam stickers {I originally thought of glitter glue and puffy paint- but after reflection thought that would have turned into one hot mess}. The kids loved this and it was a great and simple activity!

Batman Themed Birthday Party #FreePrintables #Batman #BatmanParty #BatmanMasks

Batman Themed Birthday Party #FreePrintables #Batman #BatmanParty #BatmanMasks

Batman Themed Birthday Party #FreePrintables #Batman #BatmanParty #BatmanMasks #Craft

I also wanted all the kiddos to have their very own batman cape to run around in. So I printed off a large batman logo and used it as a pattern to create a felt bat signal. Then I sewed the bat signal onto a piece of black broadcloth fabric. Then I stitched a seam on all four sides. I created a loop at the top where I strung ribbon through it and stitched the ends so they would not slip through. A quick run over the ends of the ribbon with a flame so that they wouldn’t fray and viola! – a simple and inexpensive bat cape was born.

Batman Themed Birthday Party #FreePrintables #Batman #BatmanParty #BatmanCapes

With the capes and masks taken care of it was time to think of party games. So I took to the internet and searched out batman villain images. I printed off large 8x11 pictures for my “Vaporize Villains” bad guy Batman game {Garbage bags torn open and taped to the wall to protect from silly string, large pictures of villains taped to said garbage bags, and a can of silly string from the dollar store for each child}. This was a BIG hit with the kids who loved spraying the silly string.

The second batman birthday party game also involved villains. It was more of a hidden Mickey type of game; little pictures of batman villains were hidden throughout a dark basement and the kids had to find them using their bat-signal flashlights to collect a reward. The bat-signal flashlights were from the dollar store and I used a sharpie to draw little Batman logos on each one. The kids really liked this game and were thrilled beyond words to find out that they were going to be able to keep the flashlights.

We also played a game of freeze tag where you had to unfreeze people using the bat-signal flashlights as well as a game of hide-and-go-seek using the flashlights. I am a game person, so I enjoyed all of the games and it helped keep a little order in what could have been a slightly chaotic morning.

Batman Themed Birthday Party #FreePrintables #Batman #BatmanParty #BatmanPartyGames

Now for the little things… I ordered Batman cupcake rings for the kids to get on top of the chocolate cupcakes my son just had to have. My children also helped me make little favor boxes out of cardstock paper we had on hand. I stuffed the favor boxes with little superhero bracelets, lollipops, crayons, and little batman notepads. Then we wrapped them in a strip of paper and placed the Batman party favor printable labels on the boxes {We used the Avery Template 5294 for our labels}.

Batman Themed Birthday Party #FreePrintables #Batman #BatmanParty #BatmanPartyFavors
Batman Themed Birthday Party #FreePrintables #Batman #BatmanParty #BatmanPartyFavors

The batman themed birthday party was fun. Tiring, but fun. My little boy had a wonderful time as did his friends and that is what matters. Now I have to start thinking about my middle child’s birthday and the Toy Story themed party he wants…. Oh boy!

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