Wednesday, February 26, 2014

March Monthly Meal Planning #FreePrintable

This whole monthly meal planning thing has made my life so much easier. It only takes me about one or two hours to put it all together and I am done with my planning for the entire month! I love how efficient this is making my every day routines and my weekly grocery store trips! So without further ado, here is the free monthly meal planning printable for the month of March!

March Monthy Meal Planning Free Printable w/ Recipes #Organize #Plan #MealPlan #Recipes

March Monthy Meal Planning Free Printable w/ Recipes #Organize #Plan #MealPlan #Recipes #FreePrintable

Before creating the monthly meal plans we were eating out about once a week. While I know this is not very often, even once a week can add up. During the last two months we ate out maybe twice a month. I try to factor in special occasions like birthdays and holidays into my meal planning as well. Truth be told, I enjoy cooking and I really enjoy perfecting recipes.

Feel free to follow along with my monthly meal plans. I put these together to help me stay organized and efficient. I share them with you so that you can benefit from my hard work as well.

If you are looking for links to the recipes I use in my monthly menu I have provided a majority of them below. Some of the recipes are ones that I am working on perfecting and as a result, they are not ones that I have shared yet {when the recipe has been perfected it will be shared on the blog}.

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