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My 5 tips for transitioning to table food with #Boon

Each age and stage offers fun new experiences and one of my favorites is when my children transition from baby food to table food. Baby food is all fine and dandy, but for me it got really old really fast – especially the more children I had to prepare meals for. And while everyone grows and develops at their own pace I have found that having a self feeding 10 month old makes the world of difference at meal times. We now eat meals as a family where everyone gets to eat at the same time; which is nice because I am not a big fan of cold dinners.

Since I love this stage of development so much I have decided to put together a little list of tips for making this transition as easy as possible. It is a process and not something that happens overnight. We started this process with my daughter when she was 8 months old and now that she is 10 months old she is self feeding while sitting at the dinner table with the whole family and we are all eating together at the SAME TIME! And thanks to Boon, she is doing it in style {Thank you Boon for sending us samples for the purpose of review}!

5 Tips for transitioning from baby food to table food #Boon #PLATE #FLAIR #MODWARE #Tableware
5 Tips for transitioning from baby food to table food #Boon #PLATE #FLAIR #MODWARE #Tableware

My 5 tips and tricks for making the transition to table food:
I have found with each of my children that they were ready to make this transition to table foods around 8-9 months of age. While this time frame worked for us, it may not work for you. Each child is different. You will know that they aren't quite ready to make this transition yet if they gag, or cough a lot when you try to feed them thicker foods. Sometimes they might even outright refuse to try.

Start preparing for this transition by thickening up the baby food. I did this about a week before introducing solids. You can increase thickness by adding cereal to prepared baby food, by adding freshly pureed foods into prepared baby foods, or by simply adding less liquid to homemade pureed baby foods.

The first table foods we introduced to our children were ones that dissolved quickly in their mouths. I am terrified at the thought my children choking, as I am sure most parents are when they introduce solid foods. This is why we chose puffs and yogurt bites that dissolve in saliva as the first foods to try. They start out solid, so that baby can feel that there is something in their mouth and move it around with their tongue, but since they dissolve so quickly I don’t worry too much about them not chewing (gumming) it. Also- they are a great size for little ones learning to pick up objects on their own.

We treated the introduction of table food similarly to how we introduced baby food; we introduced one new table food at a time and slowly increased the variety of foods they were eating. This helped us to monitor for food allergies. Some examples of softer foods we progressed to are banana, scrambles egg, cooked carrot & potato, pasta, and deli meat.  We slowly introduced new textures like toast with jam on it and cubed fruits.

I always made sure that all foods were cubed or cut up into very small pieces since my children like to shovel food in their mouths rapidly and without thought to chewing and swallowing. I cannot tell you how often I still tell them to slow down, take small bites, and to chew and swallow first! Food larger than a pea can easily cause an airway obstruction, thus everything gets chopped up into little pieces. This has also made it easier for my children to grasp the food and feed themselves. I avoid foods like hot dogs, grapes, and popcorn until they have mastered the whole chewing thing as these types of foods are more of a choking hazard and require more skill to eat.

5 Tips for transitioning from baby food to table food #Boon #PLATTER  #Tableware

Making the transition from baby food to table food can be a messy business. It can be very very messy. My friends over at Boon introduced me to their toddler tableware as well as their FLAIR highchair and I have to say I am a big fan. Not only are these products easy to clean, but they make the process of making a mess just a little bit harder.

Dining in style with the Boon FLAIR high Chair

First and foremost, the Boon FLAIR pedestal highchair with pneumatic lift is fun! It is cool looking… really cool looking. My boys call it the space ship and ask to sit in it when their baby sister is not occupying it. It adds a bit whimsy to our traditional dinner table. I received the gray Boon Flair high chair with the blue seat pad and tray liner and I love it. The seat pad can easily be removed or switched out, and now I am thinking that I may need more seat pads… to accessorize. The color combinations pop!

The FLAIR high chair is ridiculously easy to clean. Since there are no cracks or crevices there is nowhere for those pieces of oozy gooey jelly toast to hide. Since the shape of the highchair hugs my daughter, the food that misses her mouth ends up either back on the tray or on her seat. Very little of her food ends up on the floor, which means easy clean up for mom! Hooray!

My absolute favorite feature about the FLAIR is the tray height. Almost every other highchair we have tried has had a high tray height; making eating uncomfortable and awkward for my children. Since the FLAIR tray height is so low my daughter can easily see her food and pick up her food {this is a big deal for self feeding children}. The tray cover fits in my dishwasher for easy cleaning and the tray itself can be used/removed one handed by an adult.

Since the FLAIR high chair has a pneumatic lift it can be adjusted for the height you need. Counter height or table height makes no difference… push the button and adjust accordingly! My children really like this feature. They also really like that the FLAIR is on casters and can be rolled around. I happen to really like that I can easily step on the “lock” and stop my children from rolling the FLAIR around my house. Can you tell we have been having a bit of fun with our FLAIR?

Dining in style with the Boon FLAIR high Chair #Review

Dining in style with the Boon FLAIR high Chair #Review

Dining in style with the Boon FLAIR high Chair #baby

Dining in style with the Boon FLAIR high Chair #Toddler

Both the PLATTER and the PLATE have a fabulous rubbery slip-resistant bottom. This feature makes them just a little bit harder to toss onto the floor. A slip of the arm has sent plenty of tableware overboard in my house and I cannot tell you how many times a full meal has made it onto my floor simply because of a misplaced hand. The rubbery slip-resistant bottom on the toddler tableware makes a big difference. Now if my daughter wants to send her plate flying through the air with the greatest of ease it takes quite a bit more effort on her part… and I can usually get to her well before her PLATE or PLATTER have been lifted off her FLAIR.

The PLATTER is a great little dish that has four divided edgeless sections. It is perfect for the picky eater who refuses to eat food if it is touching other food. My 10 month old daughter loves it because she can attack her favorite foods one at a time. My older boys enjoy using the different sections for dips and sauces – so the ketchup never touches their chicken and the carrots are free from ranch dressing until just before they are eaten.

The PLATE is an edgeless dish that makes scooping cubed carrots and sliced strawberries a breeze for my little self feeder. There are no sections to navigate, which can be a blessing on days where she is super hungry and low on patience.

The Boon PLATTER toddler and baby tableware review

The Boon PLATE toddler and baby tableware review

Transitioning to table foods can be tricky. It can be especially tricky when dealing with messy foods and a little one who does not want to have sticky fingers. I love having toddler utensils for my children who are not ready for adult utensils of their own. The soft grip on the MODWARE spoons and forks make holding these utensils easy for little fingers and since there are no sharp pointy edges I don’t worry about my tots hurting themselves while trying to navigate their food to their mouths. Dishwasher safe is also a plus! They are also BpA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free.
The Boon MODWARE toddler and baby tableware review

Transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup has always been harder for us than transitioning from baby food to table food. My daughter is in the process of making this transition right now. Although she is very interested in the sippy cups, she hasn’t quite gotten the use of them down quite yet. She is especially drawn to the SWIG sippy cup – I think it may have to do with the fact that this sippy cup closely resembles her bottle, making it a good choice for her and for making the transition from bottle to sippy cup.

The SWIG has an easy to hold shape and it can either come with a flip-top straw or a spout {I am told these are interchangeable}. Since the spout is recommended for 9+ months and the flip-top straw for 12+ months we tried the spout cover and have enjoyed it thus far. The pivoting lid on the spout cover stays attached to the cup so it is easy to pop open and close and there are no parts being left random places or getting lost during playtime. When put to the spill test the SWIG did not make a mess, making it my favorite. The SWIG is BpA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free.

The MODSTER is a ridiculously cute cup. I mean seriously, it is adorable. Not only is it adorable to look at it is also fun to carry around. The handles on the side this sippy cup make it easy for my boys to hold and carry with them wherever they may go. While my daughter liked to use the SWIG sippy cup more; my older boys like the look of the MODSTER which includes a cap for on the go tots. The MODSTER is Latex-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free.

The Boon SWIG toddler and baby tableware review #SippyCup

The Boon MODSTER toddler and baby tableware review #SippyCup

This is my new best friend. If you have ever played the “drop it” game {you know… the game where your child takes something and then drops it and then proceeds to cry until you retrieve said item –only to be dropped again. It is a vicious circle.} this will quickly become your new best friend too. I have been using it to hold the MODSTER utensils during meal time. It is awesome. It can clip to clothing, but I clip it to the harness on the FLAIR high chair and use it to keep forks and spoons within my daughters reach. No more “drop it” game. The GNAW can be used to hold onto snacks and teethers as well and it is BpA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free.

The Boon GNAW review

When it comes to transitioning from baby food to table food Boon has been making my life easier for a while now and they have allowed me and my family to retain our sense of personal style while doing so. The transition from baby food to table food with our Boon FLAIR and tableware has been pretty great and not nearly as messy as they could have been.

The FLAIR is a modern highchair with attitude and now there are 8 different color combinations of the Boon FLAIR high chair {exclusively sold on Amazon at Boon pick your FLAIR}. Previously, there were just two color options available. This new color combination option was a big hit in our house as we tend to like a mixture of modern and traditional. Form, function, and style all in one highchair that makes transitioning to table foods fun. With the new FLAIR color options available on Amazon, parents have more choices than ever to purchase infant feeding items that fit their lifestyle without compromising style.

Boon FLAIR color options

To learn more about the products mentioned above you can visit the Boon website or chat with them on Facebook or @booninc on twitter.

Do you have any tips or tricks for transitioning to table foods?

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