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The many faces of the Joovy TooFold stroller! #Review

If you have been following Mom Mart for a while you know just how much I love Joovy. They are my go-to for bold, bright, beautiful baby products and they always seem to meet my multifunctional needs. The new Joovy TooFold stroller offers the same high quality I have come to expect in Joovy products in a really cool package that can transform at the drop of a hat.

When I say that this stroller transforms I mean just that; it goes from being a single stroller to a sit and stand stroller to a double tandem stroller with the addition of the second seat attachment sold separately. My children call the TooFold stroller the bumblebee stroller. I am not quite sure if that is based off of the transformer Bumblebee or if it has more to do with the bright yellow color (lemontree is the actual name of the color). Either way it is a pretty fitting nickname.

Joovy TooFold Stroller all-in-on stroller #review

Aside from the fact that this stroller transforms to meet your needs, there are a lot of other great features that make this a pretty savvy stroller {Thank you Joovy for sending us the TooFold stroller for review}. This is THE stroller that I use when taking my children anywhere by myself. Long walks on the trail, shopping, and trips to the park are all a breeze with the TooFold. Pretty soon we will be taking this stroller with us on our upcoming trip to Disney and I could not be more excited! This lemontree color is sure to stand out and with many little ones with us I know it will get good use.

What we love about the Joovy TooFold:
I have mentioned before that the TooFold is a very versatile stroller and that is an understatement. It works as a single stroller, a stand on tandem stroller, a double stroller (with the purchase of the TooFold rear seat), and a great shopping stroller thanks to the large waterproof shopping bag that it comes with. What I really love about the versatility of this stroller is the fact that it is SO easy the change things up. Going from a single to a stand on tandem can be done hands free, which is awesome when you are juggling multiple children.

Joovy TooFold Stroller, Single Stroller, Double Stroller, Ride-on Tandem Stroller, Shopping Stroller, Compact Fold

I love that the stroller can fold using one hand and it stands on its own. This is once again an awesome feature when juggling multiple children. Once folded the stroller is also really easy to roll to where you want to store/use it.

Joovy TooFold Stroller has a one handed compact fold

The basket is larger than I originally thought. I originally didn't think that it would even hold my diaper bag, but it does! It holds my diaper bag as well as a lunch bag with a little room to spare. And although there is no access to the basket from the rear, additional rear storage is available in the form of the large waterproof attachable shopping bag Joovy has included.

Joovy TooFold Storage Basket

Joovy TooFold Storage Basket

I love the wheels on the TooFold. The large 12 inch rear wheels make traveling through snow, on paths, and on walkways easy. The mudguards are also a big bonus on rainy days. The front swivel wheels also lock for when traveling on gravel and such.

The canopy clicks into place and has a zippered pocket on one side that is perfect for a cell phone or keys and on the other side there is a cup holder that is great for storing my daughter’s bottle. Although it is not a large canopy, Joovy had the foresight to include and attachable canopy extension that makes all the difference.

Joovy TooFold Canopy with zippered pocket

Joovy TooFold Canopy with Extention

The multi-position handle bars can adjust height as well as position. This is wonderful for when my oldest want to catch a ride on the back - I can just turn the handles so that they twist out like bike handles and my son can jump on.  The handles are padded for my comfort!

Joovy TooFold adjustable handles and canopy

The padded seat liner is removable, washable, and durable. Since it is mesh it breathes well and is soft and comfy for my little ones. It provides a nice little cushion to sit back and relax in.

Joovy TooFold Padded Seat Liner

The TooFold rear seat (sold separately) snaps right on the back of the TooFold stroller and has a built in canopy so that the second seat rider gets a little shade too! The seat is also equipped with the same super soft mesh as the TooFold liner, making it a comfy second seat option. The TooFold stroller is not able to collapse with the second seat attached, but it is quick and easy to snap on and take off.  

Joovy TooFold Rear Seat
Joovy TooFold Rear Seat In Use

This stroller is a show stopper. Seriously. Every single time I have taken my Joovy TooFold stroller out with the kids I have been stopped by people wanting to learn more about it. I have given countless demos of the TooFold and each time I am tickled pink by how excited people are when they see how easy it is to use and how versatile it can be. It is a very fun stroller to push around.

I have used this stroller in the snow, sun, and rain and I absolutely love it!  Once again Joovy craftsmanship does not disappoint. It is a well made stroller that exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to taking the TooFold to Disney - if you see it, or me, feel free to stop by and say hello. I would be happy to give you a demo and talk baby gear.

Joovy TooFold Stroller #JoovyBaby #JoovyMom

You can find out more about the Joovy TooFold stroller by chatting with Joovy on Facebook, tweeting with them on @joovy, or visiting the Joovy Website.

For those of you looking for specs:
Stroller Weight - 23.6 lbs.
Front Seat Min Age - 3 months+
Front Seat Max Weight - 45 lbs.
Rear Stand-On Board Min Age - 2.5 yrs
Rear Stand-On Board Max Weight and Height - 45 lbs. and 44"

The Joovy TooFold is where form, function, and style come together. Functionality is usually the number one thing I look for in a stroller, what do you look for when stroller shopping?

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