Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Favorite Toys

I have favorite toys. Yes, I still enjoy playing with toys and frequently encourage my children to unplug and use their imagination by playing with toys that do not light up, talk, or play an app. I like to get down on the floor and built, destroy, capture, and create empires with my children. My children’s toys are well loved and travel frequently. We take them everywhere with us. They go to the park, on car rides, and even on trips to visit family. These toys provide my family with endless hours of entertainment, so I thought I would share a few of them with you.

A few of our favorite toys #ToysForKids #PlayTime

#1 Star Wars Toys… my boys have discovered Star Wars and there is no going back. It helps that mom and dad are a bit geeky and also love the Star Wars films, and own Star Wars toys from childhood. With the new Star Wars films being made I am sure there will be a whole bunch of cool new Star Wars toys coming out. But for now my children LOVE their Star Wars Jedi Force toys by Hasbro {Playskool Heroes}. Both of my boys adore these toys and have requested I add the ones we do not own to their wish lists for Santa.

A few of our favorite toys #StarWarsToys #Hasbro #PlayskoolHeroes #PlayTime #C3PO

A few of our favorite toys #StarWarsToys #Hasbro #PlayskoolHeroes #PlayTime #DarthVader

#2 Toy Story… NEVER gets old. Seriously. My children all love toy story and we own both the large plush Disney toys as well as the little Fisher-Price plastic play sets with accessories. Frequently the world of Star Wars and Toy Story collide. It is epic. Darth Vader and Buzz Lightyear are best friends, but it was touch and go there for a bit.

A few of our favorite toys #ToyStoryToys #Disney #FisherPrice #PlayTime #Woody

A few of our favorite toys #ToyStoryToys #Disney #PlayTime #Jessie

A few of our favorite toys #ToyStoryToys #Disney #PlayTime #BuzzLightYear

#3 Little People… is fun for everyone including the baby of the family. More so now that Fisher-Price Little People includes the Disney Princess Palace and characters from the movies they love like Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin. I keep waiting for them to come out with the Frozen Little People characters – as that will be a HUGE hit and will likely sell out everywhere. With castles, farms, and houses the Little People sets are fun for everyone and we all love to get on the grounds to play with them.

A few of our favorite toys #LittlePeople #FisherPrice #Disney #SleepingBeauty #GoodFaries #PlayTime #FloraFaunaMerryweather

A few of our favorite toys #LittlePeople #FisherPrice #Disney #Aladdin #PlayTime #PrincessJasmine

These are our family favorite toys to play with both at home and on the go. They travel well and bring a little familiarity to our destinations – wherever they may be. These toys are continually played with and have held up well to my children’s somewhat destructive play time routine. They are some of my children’s favorite toys and so they have become some of my favorites as well {thanks to the countless hours of entertainment they provide.}. There is a bit of a Disney theme though isn't there?

Do you or your children have a favorite toy?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, nor did I receive any product samples. These are my children’s toys that we have bought them and these thoughts and opinions are my own.

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