Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to replace the foam parent handles on the Joovy Groove stroller:

This last spring I took my Joovy Groove stroller with me to Disney as well as the Joovy TooFold stroller with second seat. Since there was no stroller bag on the market that I felt could accommodate both of these strollers I sewed my own stroller bag so that my strollers would be protected once they were gate checked at the airport {best decision ever by the way- my strollers were dry and clean and undamaged}. But somehow while being used around the parks the foam parent handle on my Joovy Groove got damaged. There were large tears in the foam handle and although I was still able to use the stroller theses tears drove me crazy and I knew that as soon as I got home I would need to replace them. And replace them I did. After searching online for a tutorial on how to replace the foam handles on my Joovy Groove stroller I finally gave up {as there were no YouTube videos that I could find or directions anywhere!} and decided to just jump right in and do it.
How to replace the foam parent handle on the Joovy Groove stroller #tutorial

How to do it:
I took some scissors and cut off the old foam parent handle that was damaged. I had no plans of saving this handle, so cutting it off was the quickest solution to the problem of how to remove it.

When you do this you can see that the top plastic part of the handle is screwed in and can be removed with a simple Phillips head screwdriver. {DO NOT try and pry the plastic tip off of the stroller handle.}

How to replace the foam parent handle on the Joovy Groove stroller #tutorial

Next up is putting the new replacement foam parent handle on. I ordered my replacement parent handle foam set from Joovy for $14.99 for a set of two. They sell these in grey and in black. If you do not use any type of lubricant, these will be a beast to put on.  I used soapy water to lubricate the handle bars so that I would have an easier time sliding on the foam grips. I applied the soapy water with a q-tip to both the metal handles as well as the inside of the foam parent handle grips. Then I pushed the foam grips onto the parent handles of the stroller until they were completely on.

Replace the plastic tip on the end of the handle bar and screw it back into place.

Voila! You have just replaced the foam handle on your stroller!
How to replace the foam parent handle on the Joovy Groove stroller #tutorial

I love my Joovy Groove stroller and I was incredibly upset when it got damaged. I did not want to get rid of it. I did not want to purchase a whole new stroller. I wanted mine and I wanted mine to be fixed. I was really happy that there were replacement parts for the Joovy Groove available for purchase online. Once I got home from Disney it was easy for me to locate the part I needed and place my order. It was also nice that the replacement part I needed was pretty inexpensive.

I hope this little how to helps you and that you are able to fix your stroller with relative ease and little to no stress. Thanks for stopping by!

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