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What to wear to Disney World

When my husband started talking about taking our family on a vacation to Disney World I knew that there would be a lot of planning involved. After all - we are a family full of planners. We planned everything. We planned where would we stay, what shows we would see, where we would eat, what we would need to pack, and what we would wear at Disney World. I spent quite a lot of time thinking about what exactly our family would wear to wear to Disney. After looking online at various stores and perusing Etsy retailers I did not find what I was looking for. I soon realized that I would be the one needing to make my family matching family tee shirts to wear to Disney World.

I loved having matching family tee shirts for our Walt Disney World vacation. They were great for keeping track of each other and they provided a great ice breaker for people while waiting in lines. Cast members interacted with us wherever we went thanks to our tee shirts and the characters we met got a kick out of them too. They were a hit!

What to wear to Disney World with kids #Disney #DisneyVacation #MatchingShirts Mom Mart

We had matching family tee shirts for every single day of our vacation including our travel days. This was helpful for everyone. It was easy to spot our group in a crowd {especially on our Green, Orange, and Red tee shirt days… the brighter the better.}. Matching shirts helped Disney cast members see how many people were in our party and on the off chance that we got separated complete strangers were able to point out where my husband had wandered off to. It was also helpful when traveling –as the very nice airline security people ushered me through quickly and were conscious of trying keeping my group together.

We had a lot of fun planning what we would wear for each day. I knew I wanted an Incredibles tee shirt day, but aside from that I was pretty flexible on our attire. My favorite shirts for our group were the bright ones because they made staying together and spotting people in our party really easy. The orange and green were the best because no one else was wearing those color shirts for the most part and they stood out from the crowd. My least favorite shirt was the Pirate Mickey tee shirt because it was created using fabric paint and once the sun was beating down it got hot and it was extremely uncomfortable.

A Matching Family Tee Shirt for Disney World #Disney #FamilyTee #MatchingShirts
A Matching Family Tee Shirt for Disney World #Disney #FamilyTee #MatchingShirts

Travel Day: Batman Tee Shirt {gray}
Epcot Day: Kermit the Frog Tee Shirt {green}
Animal Kingdom Day: Lion King Tee Shirt {orange}
Hollywood Studios Day: Star Wars Tee Shirt {blue}
Magic Kingdom Day 1: The Incredible Tee Shirt {red}
Magic Kingdom Day 2: Pirate Mickey Mouse Tee Shirt {blue}
Travel Day: Toy Story Tee Shirt {gray}

When making your own matching family tee shirts I would highly recommend using the dark t-shirt transfer for ink jet printers iron-on, I have found that they last longer and don’t peel off as easily. I tried the fabric paint method and will not do that again as I was not a fan of how the fabric felt afterwards. I tried the ink transfer method using wax paper and did not get good results {it was a Pinterest project gone wrong}. So if you are going to make your own matching tee shirts I would recommend the iron-on method.

I tried for months to find matching family tee shirts in the stores. For some reason “they” do not make the same shirt in children’s sizing as they do in adults – or at least I was unable to find any. I have seen some adorable options on Etsy for custom made shirts but that is about the only place I have seen matching family tee shirts.

If you are planning on doing matching family tee shirts for Disney I would highly recommend going bold and bright. The brighter the better, because when there are thousands of people walking around the bright shirts are the really easy ones to pick out of the crowd. If you are on a budget I would recommend getting crafty with the iron-on transfer sheets to make your own, as doing so will save you money. The adult tee shirts we used were $4.47 at Walmart and the children’s were $3.47 per tee shirt. I hope my matching family tee shirts gave you some ideas and/or helped to inspire your crafty and creative side.

Aside from my matching family shirt reccomendation I would also suggest breathable shorts. You are going to be sweating. Unless it is chilly you are going to want to wear shorts and ones that are comfy. Speaking of comfort - think about that when considering your shoe and sock choices. I packed comfy sneakers for my entire family that were well broken in. I also packed comfy cushioned DRI-fit socks {think sweat-wicking fabric with mesh inserts and arch support.} I had no blisters and although my feet were tired at the end of the day from all the walking - I could still get around without any problem. I packed sandals for around the resort, on the beach, and at the pool {Not throwing anyone under the bus or anything - but SOMEONE put our children in sandals one morning and we ended up carrying them whenever they were not in the stroller. This mistake did not happen again.}. Also, sunglasses are a must. When they were not being worn I tucked them away in my little backpack for safe keeping. But seriously - get sunglasses for everyone, kids especially, as it is very bright and very sunny. I actually bought fun Marvel sunglasses for the kids and gave it to them on our first morning at Disney. It was a special surprise that they were very excited about.  

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I am writing based off of my own experiences and my thoughts and opinions may differ from others. I do not sell the clothing pictured in this post.  

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