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On the go with the Britax B-Agile Double Review

I am constantly running errands, heading to play dates, and taking someone to one class or another. It is pretty typical for me to have all three of my children with me when I am on the go – even when I am on my own. I have found that my key to a successful trip anywhere is being able to monitor all of my children easily. For me this means either babywearing or using a stroller and sometimes it means both. The newest addition to my stroller addiction is the Britax B-Agile Double stroller {Thank you Britax for providing a sample of the B-Agile Double to facilitate this review}. I must admit that I am very impressed with this stroller. 

There are days when I will babywear my daughter and have my two older boys ride in the stroller and then there are days when my oldest will help my push the stroller while my younger two catch a ride. It all depends on my children and their temperament. I love that the B-Agile Double can accommodate any child combination I throw at it. Since this stroller can accommodate children from birth up to 50lbs, even my oldest child can sit back and relax on a stroll around town.

Britax BAgile Double Stroller Review #DoubleStroller #BritaxBAgile

Over the past few weeks I have taken this stroller shopping, on walks throughout the neighborhood, to the pool, on nature trails, and on trips to the supermarket. It has gone everywhere with me and it has performed perfectly. The only thing that I was not able to thoroughly test out was the Click & Go system that enables the B-Agile stroller to work as a travel system with the Britax Chaperone and the B-Safe infant car seats {and that is only because I do not own a Britax Chaperone or B-Safe infant car seat}. I did attach and detach the adapter system just to see how easy that was and was pleased with the simplicity of the system. There is a lot to love about this stroller.

What we love about the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller:
Hands down my favorite feature on the B-Agile Double stroller is the quick fold with automatic chassis lock. I love how easy it is to collapse this stroller to put away. You do need both hands to pull up on both of the quick fold straps, but it is really easy to do and it closes quickly and easily {which is great when you have children waiting and places to go}. Also- the automatic chassis lock means that the stroller is NOT opening up on me when I am moving it around or lifting it into my trunk.

Britax BAgile Double Stroller Compact Quick Fold with Automatic Lock

Britax BAgile Double Stroller Review opening the stroller
This stroller has a standing fold, which is great for traveling and for storing. This means I do not have to have a hook to hang my stroller on when it is not in use. I was surprised by how light this stroller was. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and weighs a mere 28 pounds. I can easily lift this stroller in and out of my stow-and-go trunk storage without assistance.

Britax BAgile Double Review Compact Standing Fold

The B-Agile Double can easily fit through standard doorways. Since it is less than 30.5 inches wide I can take it through my front door and through most store aisles. I can and have used this stroller on quick trips to the grocery store and various retail stores without issue.

Another BIG feature for me is the storage. I love storage and I really like it when a company thinks about the consumer and utilizes the space available in a thoughtful way. Britax has done just that with their large under seat storage that can be accessed from both the back and the front {via the front foot rest zippered access}. There are also two additional large zippered storage pockets behind the seats. This means that if the seats are reclined and the children are napping you can still get into the storage basket below through the foot rest opening in the front without disturbing the little ones.

Britax BAgile Double Under Seat Storage with front access

Britax BAgile Double Under Seat Storage front access

I was really pleased with how large the canopy on the B-Agile Double stroller was. There are two separate canopies so that one child can bask in the sun and the other can relax in the shade if they so choose.  The canopies are both large and have a mesh peak-a-boo window – which is awesome for air ventilation. Also if the seats are fully reclined you can lift up the flap on the back of the seat to create further ventilation. This is thanks to the sewn in mesh windows located at the top of the seats.

Britax BAgile Double Stroller Review #BritaxBAgile

Britax BAgile Double Stroller Review #airflow

The seats themselves have a no re-thread adjustable five point harness– meaning you can adjust the harness height by accessing the hidden knob on the back of the seat. This is a great feature for families with children who like to change seats and/or bigger families with more than two children who like to ride in strollers. Being able to quickly and easily adjust the harness height can be the difference between an easy transition from car seat to stroller OR a full blown tantrum. Seriously.

Britax BAgile Double No Re-Thread five point harness

The B-Agile Double features infinite seat recline positions. This means that you are able to adjust the seat recline on the stroller to the position of your choosing. To recline the seat, you simply pull the release lever on the recline adjuster and slide it away from the seat. To raise the seat back up you just pull both of the straps apart. It should be noted that the seat cannot be adjusted to a 90 degree angle {meaning that your child will not sit completely upright, but will be in a semi reclined position in the seat at all times.}
Britax BAgile Double Stroller Review Seat Recline

Britax BAgile Double Seat Positions Fully Reclined and Fully Upright

I really enjoy using this stroller. It is a great side-by-side stroller that is easy to use for the parents and comfortable for the kids. It can easily be maneuvered with one hand thanks to the unique handle bar that has a middle piece opening that enables you to grip the center. The all-wheel suspension makes for a smooth ride and the linked parking break that locks both rear tires is easy to use {and can be maneuvered in flip flops!}. Though I do love this stroller, I wish that it came with a parent organizer and cup holder of some kind as well as child trays. And while these items are not included in the purchase of the stroller, Britax does offer these as accessories availablefor purchase for the B-Agile Double. As of right now they also offer a rain cover, foot muffs, and fashion inserts as well.

This is a fabulous stroller that is great both indoors and out, for shopping and for strolling, for big brothers and little sisters. It is easy to use, quick to collapse, and simple to pop open. We love it and think that you will too.

Britax B Agile Double Stroller on the trail with the family.

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