Friday, April 5, 2013

Kid Craft: Make a Yarn Monster Friend!

My boys love our craft time and they were super excited about the prospect of making yarn monsters. I have a ton of leftover yarn from various crafts that I have done in the past and my past attempts at knitting {I am so not good at knitting}. So I decided that we would be putting my leftovers to good use this week with a simple kid craft that the boys would love.

They totally loved making these! By using child safety scissors my 4 year old was able to work on his cutting skills safely {this is a fine motor skill that needs to be worked on and developed in the preschool age}. They boys liked wrapping the yarn and they loved picking out the eyeballs and gluing them on. It was a really easy kid craft with virtually no clean up.

make a yarn monster friend

What you Need:
googly eyes
piece of cardboard {I cut off a piece of cardboard from a box roughly 5”x4”}

How to Make It:
Wrap the yarn around the cardboard piece (long-ways) about 75-100 times
Tie a knot around the center of yarn.
Cut through the center of the yarn on either end of the cardboard {this is your monster’s body}.
Glue your googly eyes onto the monster body {I used a quick dry glue}.
As an added option you can glue on pom poms for feet and twist a pipe cleaner around the body for an antenna.

How to make a yarn monster friend tutorial

Making a yarn monster friend

Making a yarn monster friend

Once these little monsters were made and the glue had dried we had a lot of fun playing with them. We threw them into baskets to help us polish our target skills {this was not my forte}, we threw them at each other {and ended up with a case of the monster giggles}, and we even chased each other around the house with the monsters {this usually ended up with serious monster tickles}.

Needless to say they were a big hit! I may start collecting these in a basket somewhere for just such rainy day activities in our future and add to the collection with more yarn colors. The bright and cheerful colors are an instant mood booster on dreary days.

Have you ever made yarn monsters?

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