Thursday, April 25, 2013

Prepping for baby! #Pregnancy Week 31

Earlier this week I shared with you that I have been on a mad cleaning and organizing spree. I have gone through all of the clothing I have for Julia, washed it and organized it according to size. I have taken the crib out of Steven’s room and it is patiently waiting to be put together in Julia’s room {this has to wait until we finish the basement as we may need Julia’s room as a guest room again in the meantime}. I have started to look at fabric for the nursery bedding – as I think I want to make something myself. I even have a new car seat for Julia that I have been playing with for the last week in order to get used to how it functions. I am so excited!

How Far Along: 
31 Weeks Pregnant {31 weeks 5 days}

Due Date: 
June 22nd, 2013

Boy or girl: 

Bump Picture: 
My bump is growing and has been keeping me up at night!

Pregnancy Week 31 Baby Bump

 Pregnancy Week 31

Baby Development:  
This week, Julia should measure over 16 inches long. She should  weigh about 3.3 pounds and is heading into a growth spurt. She can turn her head from side to side, and her arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath her skin. She is moving a lot too.

I am exhausted. For the past couple of nights Julia has been tossing, turning, and kicking like crazy throughout the night – keeping me from getting a good night sleep. Thanks goodness I have been able to lay down and take short naps with my kiddos.

Currently craving: 
I am still on a seafood kick. This last week I made fish tacos as well as a seafood Alfredo that was out of this world delicious.

Currently Avoiding: 
I am not avoiding anything right now.

Belly button status: 

She is getting more and more active and has been known to respond to my oldest son’s roaring!


Any appointments?: 
I had my follow up Ultrasound last week and found out that there was no blockage, but Julia’s kidneys are still showing on the larger side. We will be addressing this at my next appointment. I have a feeling there will be another ultrasound in my future to check on this issue again.

Any baby related purchases?:
I have been on a fabric mission, but so far nothing is jumping out at me.

I have noticed a little nausea coming back in the third trimester. It seems to appear when I need to eat or when I have been super active and need a pick me up. I have started to try to snack more with the kids.

My husband claims that baby Julia is going to be a genius because I have THE WORST pregnancy brain ever this time around. I swear that there are some days when I have no idea what I am doing... I think he may be right.

Did you suffer from pregnancy brain?

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