Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Organizing Baby Girls Closet

It is no secret that I love to organize and put order to chaos. Right now my home is a little chaotic as we work towards finishing our basement, moving Steven into a big boy bed {I ordered his bed in February and still have NO idea when I can expect it to arrive – but that is another post all together}, and transition the guest room into the nursery. It is a process and one that requires certain elements of one to be completed before we can work towards the others.

So while I patiently waiting for the bed to come and the basement to be completed I am also waiting to put together my nursery for baby girl. This means that my nesting is being diverted to other areas, such as cleaning and organizing. Since I cannot put together the nursery I have been working on putting together baby Julia’s closet.

getting ready for baby

 cleaning and organizing the baby clothes

I have bought some baby girl clothing and I have been gifted quite a bit of baby girl clothing. I should be good on clothing for baby Julia until she turns one. I picked a day last week and went through all of the clothing and washed everything. Once everything was washed I organized it into bins by months. For example, there was a newborn bin, 0-3 month bin for tops and bottoms, 6 month bin for tops and bottoms, and a 9 month bin for tops and bottoms. The 12, 18, and 24 month clothing was put into larger bins, labeled, and placed at the top of the closet. These sizes will not be needed for quite some time so they did not need to be in arms reach.

clothing in labeled bins

nursery closet organization

The bottom of the closet {which you cannot see for a reason} is taken up by baby gear that will make its way throughout the house when we are better organized and some of our projects have been completed.

I like having everything in labeled bins. It makes it easier for EVERYONE to find stuff. My mother usually comes to lend a hand once a new baby arrives, so this is a help for her as well. I find that when I need something and I ask my husband to get it for me – having things labeled and organized means that he can usually find it without assistance being required. There is still more work to be done, but I feel like I have made a pretty good start.

Did you organize the nursery?

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