Monday, October 10, 2011

Cold and flu season is HERE and my home is under siege!

Taking care of a sick child

This weekend was filled with humidifier refills, games of tissue tag, and nasal aspirator mayhem!

Yup, you guessed it. We have all caught a cold. Well, everyone except my husband who seems to be immune to everything! I guess that should mean that he is in charge of taking care of all of us, right?

My baby boy woke up with a mild fever and a runny nose on Friday and it was all downhill from there. Once one of us has caught something, we all catch it. No if, and, or buts about it!

Of course Friday was the boys’ doctor appointments. Steven had his 6 month wellness visit where he was supposed to get another round of immunizations. William had his 2 ½ year wellness check-up; there were no scheduled shots for him thank goodness. As you may have concluded, there were no shots on Friday.

When your peanut has a fever and his body is already trying to fight off one thing some doctors prefer to wait a while before giving them a round of immunizations. Although, I have heard that if your child has a mild cold there is no need to delay a vaccination. For me personally, I prefer to wait a week or two until my little man is feeling better and will be able to handle the shots and the possible side effects better. This is a very hot topic among moms, beware!

By Friday evening my toddler started in with the sniffles. By Saturday evening I had an itchy throat and runny nose as well. Saturday evening both of my little peanuts woke several times crying because their little noses were stuffed and they couldn’t sleep. My husband can sleep through this. I have NO idea how he can sleep through this, but he can. I spent a large part of the night going from room to room cuddling and aspirating noses. My poor little peanuts had full blown colds and I was coming down with one too.

Sunday turned into a pajama day for mommy and the boys. We built quite a few train tracks and towers. We hung out all day in our pajamas playing tissue tag (mommy won) and cuddling.

Normally I absolutely LOVE getting cuddles from my peanuts. William is usually too busy running around like a wild thing to cuddle with mommy. When William is not feeling well his favorite thing to do is curl up in my lap with a book and a blanket. There is just something incredibly sad about default cuddles. Don’t get me wrong, I will take my default cuddles and cherish the heck out of them. But I fully recognize that I am getting cuddles not because he wants to cuddle with mommy necessarily, but because he feels too bad to argue and has no energy to play.  

We are a hot mess. Tissue is flying, humidifiers are running on high, and I am taking down cough drops like it is the dead of winter. I am not a fan of cold and flu season!

I have taken everyone’s sheets off their beds to wash and tomorrow I will disinfect everything! This cold needs to hit the road. I have places to go and people to see and no time to be sick.

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