Thursday, October 27, 2011

The hilarious things my children learn… and repeat!

For over two years I have taken care of a little girl twice a week. For the sake of this blog I will refer to this person as Lily. I pick Lily up from school and take her to her after school extracurricular activity. She is great with my boys and an absolute joy to take care of.  This last week we decided to turn off the silencer (DVD player in the car) and talk. And talk we did!

We discussed what was going on at school and what Lily’s Halloween plans were. Then we decided to try to make each other laugh. Out came the jokes. We told silly riddle jokes, funny accent jokes, and knock knock jokes. William, who is no slouch when it comes to picking up on what is going on, got in on the joke telling too. Pretty soon we were all cracking up!

That night at the dinner table William turned to me and delivered his best knock knock joke.

William: Knock Knock.
Me: Who’s there?
William: Cock-a-Doodle.
Me: Cock-a-Doodle-Who.
William: Hahahahaha!

William started laughing. Then I started laughing. And after repeating the joke, my husband started laughing.

My son has discovered the art of telling jokes!

This is his favorite joke right now. And I have to admit that the first 100 times he told it I totally cracked up. I am not sure if the joke itself is funny so much as the fact that my two-year-old knows what a “joke” is and can tell one.  

He will peal with laughter after he has delivered his line. It is ridiculously funny. Most of his jokes make absolutely no sense, but some of them are truly witty. Especially when taking into account the fact that the person telling the joke is a toddler.

I know that I am biased when it comes to my children and that like most parents I believe that my children are special. But seriously, my two year old can tell jokes… funny jokes. I am impressed.

What is even more impressive to me is the fact that my husband taught my son the art of telling a joke. He explained to my toddler that the more often a joke is told, the less funny it gets. It is funniest the first time it is told.

So instead of continually repeating the same joke over and over again, William now switches it up. He has a handful of go-to jokes that he likes to tell and he keeps coming up with more.

William loves being the center of attention. He can ham it up with the best of them. He loves being told that he has done something well or made mommy and daddy happy. He will practically beam with pride. He loves to get one-on-one time and absolutely adores it when people laugh at his jokes. He is one happy kid 

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