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Layering this spring with the Aden + Anais Dream Blanket #Review #Giveaway

I am ready for spring. To be perfectly honest I am more than ready for spring. I am ready to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. I am ready for cool morning walks with my children and I am ready for a trip to the zoo! Spring is the perfect in between weather for me. It is not cold enough for a full on snowsuit and it is not warm enough for tank tops and shorts. It is however the perfect weather for layering. And I like to layer with blankets.

AdenAndAnais Dream Blanket #Review #Giveaway #WIN #AdenAndAnais #DreamBlanket

We layer with blankets in the car; because my children do not wear coats while bucked into their car seats for safety concerns. Instead I choose to keep them warm with extra blankets I keep stored in the car. This provides the perfect amount of warmth. And when they get too warm they can kick off their blanket.

We layer with blankets when we go for a stroll. Springtime is perfect for getting outdoors and taking the kids for a walk in the stroller. I like to toss a blanket on my little ones while they go for a ride in case they get a bit chilly. They are also great for draping over the stroller to block out late afternoon sun glare.

We layer with blankets when babywearing. I love babywearing and try to babywear as much as possible. If we are going to be exposed to the elements while babywearing for any amount of time I try to remember to tie on a blanket and drape it around my little bundle of joy while we snuggle in for a little walking/bonding time.

We layer with blankets for tummy time. I enjoy getting on the ground and being on my children’s level when interacting with them. By engaging with them in this way I discovered just how uncomfortable the floor can be… really uncomfortable by the way. As a result, I try to create a soft, cozy, and relaxing place for my children and me to play by layering blankets on the floor.

We layer with blankets during snuggle time. If we are cuddling for story time or eating popcorn and watching Frozen for the millionth time we can usually be found wrapped up in blankets huddled together snuggling. My children love to snuggle just as much as I do {I hope they never outgrow this}. Snuggles are the best, or at least I think so.

I am big on layering with blankets. I love them. They create a nice soft place to rest, warmth from the cold, and comfort when you need it. While blankets come in all different shapes and sizes I have a new favorite blanket to layer with and it is the Aden + Anais Dream Blanket {Thank you Aden + Anais for providing the classic dream blanket in make believe print for the purposes of review}.

AdenAndAnais Dream Blanket #Review #Giveaway #HappyBaby #AdenAndAnais #DreamBlanket

What we love about the aden + anais classic dream blanket:
AdenAndAnais Dream Blanket #Review #Giveaway #HappyBaby #AdenAndAnais #DreamBlanketI love the generous size of the dream blanket. It is 47” x 47” and it pretty much dwarfs all of my other baby blankets. Because of its larger size it can easily act as a sunshade when tossed over my stroller, blocking out wind and light. I also really enjoy using it to keep my daughter warm for walks and snuggles because it also covers quite a bit of me as well!

It is soft. It is really soft and after a few washes it has only gotten softer! I am all about soft plush materials and this dream blanket has a great texture that I love to run my hands over. My daughter also loves to bring it up to her cheeks and snuggle with it too.

The dream blanket is made up of four layers of cotton muslin fabric that make it not only a soft blanket, but a breathable blanket as well. So it will be just as great to use in the summer as it has been to use this spring. Because of its breathability overheating won’t be an issue.

The Make Believe print of the aden + anais dream blanket is adorable. I love that it is gender neutral {as my two boys frequently try and snag the dream blanket to use when my daughter isn’t looking- I guess they each want one of their own now.}. My daughter’s nursery theme is a very toned down circus/carnival theme and this blanket fits right in with its vintage feel. I just adore the elephant, bunny, and bear!

AdenAndAnais Dream Blanket #Review #Giveaway #Breathable #AdenAndAnais #DreamBlanket

AdenAndAnais Dream Blanket #Review #Giveaway #HappyBaby #AdenAndAnais #DreamBlanket

To connect with aden + anais, you can visit them at adenandanais on Facebook or on twitter at @adenandanais.

When the time comes for my daughter to transition from using a sleep sack to using a blanket I know exactly which blanket she will be using. Until then I will be using the aden + anais dream blanket in Make Believe print for layering this spring. It is perfect for my family and our many spring outings as well as our snuggling and story time. I take our dream blanket everywhere we go and my mother-in-law liked mine so much that she has already ordered one for herself!

Buy It:
The aden + anais classic dream blanket is available to purchase for $49.95 {price at time of review}.

Win It:
Aden + Anais will be giving one lucky Mom Mart reader an aden + anais classic dream blanket in their choice of print! Giveaway is from 3/27/2014-04/17/2014. Open to US only. Winner will be notified by email and will have 24 hours to confirm before a new winner is chosen. Mom Mart is not responsible for the fulfillment of prizes. All prizes will be shipped directly from sponsors. Use the GiveawayTools widget below to enter for your chance to win one of these fabulous dream blankets!

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