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Ready to rock with the 4moms rockaRoo #Review

I have been a fan of 4mom products for quite some time. I enjoyed using the infant bathtub for my son when he was a newborn and still enjoy using the spout cover for my children’s bath time. I also own a mamaRoo and I absolutely love it as it is one of the only ways I can get my run in while my daughter is awake.  So when I heard that 4moms was coming out with the rockaRoo I knew I wanted to test it out for myself.

4moms rockaRoo review

I was given a 4moms rockaRoo to test by 4moms as a part of the 4moms Insider program {which anyone can join via the 4moms website}. Once the testing was complete I sadly had to part with my rockaRoo and return it to 4moms. I really did not want to give it back. I was not paid to write this review and in fact have only recently been given the all clear to post a review here. So here goes…

4moms rockaRoo review

The rockaRoo rocks. It is as simple as that. It has a rocking motion that puts my crying child to sleep within minutes. Baby Julia loved this swing and it saved me many a headache in her early days! I loved that it wasn’t overly complex to use and it was light enough that I had no trouble moving it from room to room to use. The motion of the seat is very similar to the rocking of a rocking horse and it has five speed options. With the twist of a dial I could go from a small slow movement to some real rocking; and boy did Julia love to rock!

The soft plush fabric is fabulous. Like the mamaRoo, the seat fabric can be taken off and machine washed. I was a fan of the multicolor plush fabric that the seat came with. It was bright and cheerful and oh so soft. Seriously… it was really really soft. I want one of these seats for me… same fabric and all.

I like the balls that come with the rockaRoo, although calling them balls is a bit of a stretch as they are not stuffed spheres. They are more like balls that have no stuffing so that they can be placed into the prongs of the mobile of the rockaRoo. Surprisingly my daughter loved them. One side is black and white and the other side is a bright color and white. And my daughter was mesmerized by them.

The built in mp3 player is nice as well. We frequently used is to play music while hanging out. While there is no designated cut out space for an iphone on the rockaRoo base, there is a little shelf for your mobile devise to rest.

There is a lot to love about the rockaRoo. A lot. The only thing that I was not a fan of was the fact that the power button on the rockaRoo lights up when plugged in. Even when the rockaRoo was turned off and not in use the button stayed lit. While this could be a great nightlight for some, I found it a bit distracting. On a positive note, it did remind me to unplug my rockaRoo when not in use.

4moms rockaRoo blog review

4moms rockaRoo blog review

The rockaRoo is a wonderful space saving alternative to a swing and I enjoyed using it while we had it. It was a great safe place for me to put my baby down for a bit. As a mother of three little ones, a nice safe space for my baby to relax in while I get some chores done is like a mini vacation… even if my vacation destination is the dishwasher.

All of my children loved having the rockaRoo in our home. The older ones enjoyed placing their dolls and toys in it and my youngest enjoyed rocking in it. You can read more about the rockaRoo at 4moms.

Disclosure: I was not paid nor was I compensated in any way for writing this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and may differ from others.

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