Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Beyblade Battle

My boys are addicted to Beyblades. They love the little spinning tops… as well as the show… and the comic books… and the list goes on. If it is a Beyblade, my boys love it and want it and will spend hours reading it, watching it, and battling with it. My husband bought the boys each a Beyblade for Christmas as a stocking stuffer and we have been having nonstop Beyblade battles ever since.

Beyblade battle arena Beyblade Let it Rip!

Beyblade battle arena Beyblade Battle in Action

Beyblade Metal Fury Hyperblades Hyper-Strike Battle Set

It is by far my children’s favorite toy to play with and they will “battle” with those little spinning tops for hours. It is almost comical – nope – it is comical. My oldest son will shout out what moves he is performing while battling. It is pretty epic. He even has his very own Beyblade arena; the
Beyblade Metal Fury Hyperblades Hyper-Strike Battle Set*

Funny enough, these Beyblades are one of the least expensive toys that we own. I have a feeling more Beyblades will be coming soon though and the price of all of those Beyblades will eventually add up to a nice little chunk of change. Regardless, my children love this simple toy. They are addicted. I am entertained. It’s a win-win situation.

Is your child enthralled with one particular toy? If so what toy?

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